Continuing our impressive run of expansion, we’re happy to announce that Spain – our fifth European market to open in just over a year – is officially open for business!

And there is good reason to be excited about this launch: Spain is uniquely positioned for incredible growth. In fact, Euromonitor reports that the weight management and well-being market segment in Spain increased by 9 percent in the year 2016.1 In addition, one of the most popular product lines sold through direct selling in Spain include personal care and consumer health.2


Spain will enjoy the same level of support as all of our markets do, and we will be launching with the same great lineup of products and promotions that are available in the rest of Europe.

Let’s get started building NOW!

To help you hit the ground running in Spain, we’re offering free membership from June 25 through July 22 on all orders of 150 BV or more for new Spanish Customers.*

Still have questions?

EU.IsaFYI is the main hub of communications for our European markets – whether you want to learn more about our products or opportunity, find out about upcoming events, or you simply want to find some great articles to share with your contacts.


*Promotion is available June 25, 2018, through July 22, 2018. Free membership will be given on all orders of 150 BV or more. Promotion is only available for Spanish residents.

1Euromonitor, September 2016. Weight Management and Well-Being in Spain.

2Euromonitor, January 2017. Direct Selling in Spain.