If you don’t know about it already, the IsaLife™ mobile app helps thousands of Isagenix Customers lose weight, track progress, and share their journeys with other users across the country. But, like any other health and wellness app out there, it surely isn’t the only one on any user’s smartphone. IsaLife is an amazing addition to the Isagenix lifestyle (and you should download it for yourself right now!), but for those looking to do even more, these five apps are the perfect complements.

Zombies, Run!

Maybe you’ve committed to running as part of your fitness plan, but you’re not crazy about it. Plenty of people fall into that category, and Zombies, Run! is here to make a mundane workout more exciting. The app gamifies running by building a story into your workout. Throughout your run, the app will tell you to speed up when zombies are closing in and to slow down when the coast is clear. It’s a great way to take your mind off the grind and make running fun.

Nike Training Club

IsaLife syncs with your Fitbit to track your running and daily steps, but wearable trackers aren’t the best at logging exercise at the gym. For anyone looking to lift weights, do resistance training, and build more muscle, Nike Training Club is full of great gym routines to help you meet your goals. It’s the sister app to Nike+ Run Club and will help you create an easy-to-follow regimen based on your body measurements and fitness goals.


Not every step is taken on a road or treadmill. Hiking is a great workout that builds strength, balance, and endurance, and it’s an invigorating way to explore the great outdoors. MapMyHike will, as its name implies, map out your routes, measure time and distance, and track altitude so you can put a number to that mountain you just conquered. Consider hitting the trail the next time you feel bored with your usual run.


Wellness is not just about physical activity — mental health also plays a significant role. Guided meditation is a fantastic way to find inner peace and achieve mental clarity. Meditation may seem intimidating to beginners, but apps like Headspace make it easy with short, guided sessions for anyone starting out.


Studies show that practicing daily gratitude can help improve mental health. Fortunately, gratitude is a big part of the Isagenix lifestyle! Some people use journals to write down what they’re grateful for, but Shine takes the experience to the digital realm. The app also keeps you on track with reminders and gives users daily goals and affirmations.

With these apps, your phone will be ready to help you take your Isagenix lifestyle to the next level. Be sure to download IsaLife on the App Store or Google Play to track your progress, connect with other Isagenix Customers, and find products online. Now get out there, and make the most of your new IsaLife!