There are many reasons to attend Isagenix events. Besides giving you an atmosphere to develop personally and professionally, at Isagenix events, there are always more to lessons to learn, more training sessions to experience, and more new people to meet. At New Year Kick Off 2018, keynote speaker Eden Slobin took the stage to share her “3 Keys to Growing Your Business” and absolutely blew the crowd away!


Eden Slobin’s 3 Keys to Growing Your Business

  1. Lead with a Value Pak.
  2. Share the opportunity immediately.
  3. Show them the money.

1. Lead With the Value Pak

As a business builder, your responsibility is the happiness and satisfaction of your Customers. The first step is to listen to their needs and help them pick a pak or system that aligns with their goals. As Eden said, “The Value Pak has all the products to set Customers up for success – the better the transformation, the more likely they’ll be to share!”

We’ve found that Customers are more likely to stay committed to their Isagenix goals and share their experience with others when they initially order a Value Pak over any other pak. Talk about a great experience!

In addition to statistically improving your Customer’s likelihood for sticking with their Isagenix System, offering a Value Pak can pay off for you as well. Compare the difference in Product Introduction Bonuses and Cycles when 10 new Customers join with a Getting Started Pak compared to a U.S. Weight Loss Value Pak. That could be a difference of up to US$1,608 in commissions and bonuses – not to mention the difference in retention!*

Value Paks

*For illustration purposes only. These amounts reflect maximum earnings assuming all conditions are met and are not projections or guarantees. Isagenix does not guarantee any number of enrollments or amount of earnings. For average earnings, refer to

Try Eden’s Simple Script for Introducing the Value Pak

Scripts are duplicable. As Eden said, “The best copycat wins!” Using simple, clear language sends a positive, confident energy and not only builds confidence in your Customer that they can achieve their goals but also demonstrates how simple sharing their system can be. Take a page out of Eden’s book, and try her simple script for demonstrating the value behind her favorite Value Pak.

“Based on the goals you’ve shared, there are two paks I would recommend. One breaks down to about $10 a day, and the other breaks down to about $20 a day. Remember that with both paks, you’re having two meals a day provided for you.

“The $10-a-day pak is a super basic, bare-bones system; it still gives you all the products you need to have a great experience. It’s $272 plus $29 for membership for wholesale pricing for the year plus tax and shipping.

“The $20-a-day pak, however, is my highest recommendation. It includes the complete 30-Day System and several other vital components. It comes with a box of delicious IsaDelight® chocolate squares that you can have on Cleanse Days; Whey Thins™, which are a high-protein savory cracker that you can snack on without the guilt; and a canister of Isagenix Greens™, which has phytonutrients from over 30 different kinds of vegetables, herbs, and botanicals and tastes great on its own, or it can be added to your shake. You’ll also get a box of IsaLean™ Bars, which taste better than candy, and a month’s supply of men’s or women’s vitamins, which provide nutritional support in a convenient tear pack. Last but not least, you’ll get a box of e+™ shots, which are energy drinks that give you a focused, sustained boost without the crash†; a beautiful stainless steel blender; a $25 coupon off your next order; free membership, which saves you $29; and two free friends and family coupons that save you $29 each when you help them get started.** This system is called the Value Pak. So if you really want to do it right and it fits within your budget, this is hands down the best recommendation. It’s $589 for your first 30 days, and then you drop down to a basic system from there. Which sounds like the best fit for you?”

†This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

**Available for new Customers and Associates only. Terms and conditions apply. Please refer to the Weight Loss Value Pak page for details.

2. Share the Opportunity Immediately

Once your new Customer understands the value of Isagenix and is ready to get their Weight Wellness System started, Eden firmly believes they deserve to know that they have the option to cover some of their product costs or even build an income. Next, she asks, “Curiously, who are some people for sure you know who would want to do this with you?” This is your chance to help them visualize the beginnings of their support system and their future team!

3. Show Them the Money

If your new Customer expresses interest in earning some money or just about learning more, this is the perfect time to sketch out You Share, They Share, Repeat™! By drawing this getting-started concept out, they begin to visualize how Isagenix rewards our biggest fans for sharing their experience and how it can work for them. Practice using this You Share, They Share, Repeat worksheet and watching the “You Share, They Share, Repeat” video.

Attend Events and Never Miss Valuable Training Like This!

Be sure to watch the entire segment for even more tips for success from Eden Slobin, and catch training like hers at an upcoming event near you!

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