Meet Jill, a charismatic mother of six and grandmother of 10, who enjoys educating others on proper nutrition. Now, meet Andy, her husband, who enjoys showing others how to stay physically fit. Together they own a Scottsdale-based fitness company.

Their passion for health and fitness dates back 30 years. Jill has competed in the United States Olympic Trials for track and field, running the mile. She’s also a national record holder and was a California Interscholastic Federation Champion.

For Andy, that’s becoming a 10th degree black belt and developing his own Martial Arts style called Ja Shin Do.

Reflecting on What’s Important

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In August 2012, after attending a yoga class while on vacation in Washington State, the two discovered Isagenix.

“I happened to pick up a flyer on the table at the yoga studio that mentioned nutritional cleansing,” says Jill.

During that time, Andy was not in the best of health and in fact, Jill was in search of nutrient-rich foods that would help his body start the process of healing and restoring.

“We split a 9-Day System between the two of us,” laughs Jill, “I don’t recommend anyone doing that, but after day two we felt incredibly energized. So, we ordered two President’s Paks.”

After six months, Andy was on the mend and the two started sharing their Isagenix experience with everyone. They just wanted others to feel as fabulous as they did.

“We also knew as gym owners that we had the perfect vehicle to share Isagenix,” adds Jill.

Shaping a New Lifestyle

So they decided to start an Isagenix business together.

Over time, Jill started to see their Isagenix business take shape.

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“It didn’t happen overnight,” says Jill. “It actually took signing up a couple hundred people.”

Their trick? Protein.

They built their Isagenix business by promoting the whey protein.

“Athletes want protein to boost muscle growth and maintenance,” says Jill. “They also want protein to maintain their performance.”

That’s when their business began to explode.

“Marrying Isagenix with our Xtreme Training has provided us with a very rich and full life,” says Jill and Andy. “We wake up each morning with gratitude ready to start our day with an intention to serve others.”

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