The 2016 Gala Awards ceremony was a green-carpeted night to remember. We recognized some of our Associates for their outstanding accomplishments and saw firsthand where hard work and dedication can lead. Please join us in congratulating our incredible award winners below.

Spirit of Isagenix

Nicole Bean - Spirit of IsagenixOur Spirit of Isagenix award recipient was chosen by their fellow Associates for their dedication to our shared mission and values. Only one deserving Associate per year receives this prestigious award, and this year, that winner is:

Nicole B.

A hardworking mother of three, Nicole goes above and beyond to help everyone in her life become successful in both their health and business journeys. She has an incredible passion for helping others and truly believes the possibilities are endless.

Woman of the Year

RECOGNITION Preferred - Jani EhloThis award is presented to one woman carefully chosen by the Isagenix Executive team for her commitment to developing leaders and business builders. She exemplifies the Isagenix mission through sharing our company values and by helping others succeed. This year, our Woman of the Year is:

Jani E.

Jani is a true ambassador to Isagenix and has been a part of our team for nine years. In that time, she has developed 12 personally enrolled Crystal Executives and has inspired many other female leaders on her team.

Man of the Year

TRAINER Preferred - Chris HarderThe Man of the Year eats, sleeps, and breathes the Isagenix vision. He is hand selected by the Isagenix Executive team for his passion for changing lives, growing his team, and advancing his business. Our 2016 Man of Year is:

Chris H.

Chris left his career as an executive banker to join his wife Lori in her Isagenix business. He was looking for more fulfillment in his life and has certainly found it with Isagenix where he has become an exceptional leader to those around him. 

Couple of the Year

RECOGNITION Preferred - Rob & Nicole StewartSelected by the Isagenix Executive team, this couple is chosen for their outstanding performance throughout the year. They continue to preserve the Isagenix mission by sharing Isagenix Systems and products and by developing and mentoring new leaders. This year’s winners are:

Rob and Nicole S.

Rob and Nicole never imagined working together until they left their corporate careers behind to pursue their Isagenix business as a family. Together they have inspired many and have received numerous Isagenix awards for their commitment to changing lives.

North American Leader of the Year

Nathan & Trudy Maples - Leader of the YearThe North American Leader of the Year is presented with this award as an acknowledgement of their hard work, embodiment of the Isagenix culture, and active involvement with their team. The winner is calculated using the Millionaire in Action formula, plus their personal rank advancements and their attendance at the prior year’s Celebration and the current year’s New Year Kick Off (NYKO). This year, the winners are:

Nathan and Trudy M.

Nathan and Trudy are having the time of their lives sharing Isagenix with everyone they know. They are incredible leaders and have developed their own programs to help their team rise up and realize their full potential. 

Alejandra Arroyo - International Leader
International Leader of the Year

The International Leader of the Year receives this esteemed award for energetically mentoring their team and making substantial contributions to the growth of Isagenix. The winner is calculated using the monthly Millionaire in Action formula, plus their personal rank advancements and attendance at the prior year’s Celebration and the current year’s NYKO (or country equivalents). And the 2016 winner is:

Alejandra A.

Alejandra has 25 years of network marketing experience and has transformed her physical and financial health with Isagenix. She is loyal to her principles and is dedicated to setting and meeting her goals each day. 


President’s Award

RECOGNITION_Preferred_Emily&HaydenVavraOne business builder is carefully chosen by the Isagenix Executive team for their extraordinary efforts toward growing their Isagenix business. They continually exemplify the Isagenix mission, and in doing so, have made considerable contributions to the growth of Isagenix. This year’s President’s Award winners are:

Emily and Hayden V.

Emily and Hayden are the youngest couple to become Isagenix Millionaires and have received many Isagenix awards for their hard work and dedication. These START Ambassadors are incredibly passionate about what they do and have so much to share with others. 

Leader in Action Award

Rita Catolino - Leadership in Action

Lorri Ann Code - Leadership in Action

Nathan & Trudy Maples - Leader of the Year

Rita C. & Dario G.C.

Lorri Ann C.

Nathan & Trudy M.

Business Builder Award

 Jennifer Corliss Trinkner-Business Builder

 Tanya and Jeremy - Busiess Builder

 Laura & John Stevens - Leadership Growth

Jennifer C.T.

Tanya & Jeremy K.

Laura & John S.

Leadership Growth Award

Laura & John Stevens - Leadership Growth

Tracy O'Malley-alternate for print--different file type for WordPress

Tanya and Jeremy - Busiess Builder

Laura & John S.

Tracy O.

Tanya & Jeremy K.

Persistent Leader Award

 Becky Hullinger - Persistent Leader

 Jay Coburn - Persistent Leader

 Nikki Raichart - Persistence Leaders--resize

Becky H.

Jay C.

Nikki R.

Global Impact Award

 Samantha Gascoigne - Women of Isagenix--resized

 Rachel Pedretti - Global Impact--resized

 Héctor & Paola Bravo - Global Impact--resize

 Alejandra Arroyo - International Leader

 Allan & Lari Hillzinger - Global Impact

Brett D. & Samantha G.

Rachel P.

Héctor & Paola B.

Alejandra A.

Allan & Lari H.

Shooting Star Award

Congratulations to all of our 3-Star Golden Circle or above businesses who have rank advanced two or more times between July 2015 and June 2016. Sixty-five deserving Associates received the prestigious Shooting Star award this year. 

Abby O.

Alexander H.

Amanda S.

Angela M.

Barbara P.

Becky & Shane O.

Ben S.

Brent & Tracey S.

Carlos A. C.

Carrie & Chris M.

Chelsea M.

Daphne H.

David & Stephanie P.

Debi & Jeff B.

Delrae M.

Elaine & Brad M.

Erica F.

Fredy M. & Francy M.

Georgie T.

Hector & Paola B.

Hu Bao Y.

Jay C.

Jess & Eric K.

Jessica & Doug R.

Jessica W.

Jill & Andy B.

Jimmy S. Visions, LLC

John & Laura S.

Joy S.

Katie & Jimmy N.

Kelly & Josh H.

Kim & Ryan W.

Kimberly & Edward R.

Kylie D.

Laura & John S.

Le Roy & Della

Lindsay & Cory H.

Lindsay M.

Lisa & Bob M.

Lizaimi & Ruhaniza B.

Lori O.

Lynn H. & Michael S.

Marisa B.

Mark K.

Melissa L.

Michelle P.

Mike & Jen M.

Nathan & Trudy M.

Paola P. & Consuelo P.

Peter J. & Bruce B.

Rachael F. & Greg M.

Rachel & JT T.

Rachel P.

Robbie & Luke P.

Ryan & Becca J.

Samuel M. & Marye R.

Serena M.

Siv & Jay B.

Steven L.

Tanya & Jeremy K.

Terri S.

Tony & Randi E.

Treslie & Ryan F.

Victor G. & Janny R.

Victoria B.

Women of Isagenix

Congratulations to all of our Women of Isagenix who are actively growing their organization by taking an active role in the success of their team. We were so thrilled to recognize 30 Women of Isagenix at this year’s Gala Awards.

Amy A.

Andrea L.

Adrianne R.

Anna R.

Becca J.

Bonnie F.

Carol T.

Casey P.

Cathy D.

Cyndi W.

Daphne H.

Dee. G.

Delialah L.

Devona G.

Dr. Shaunna M.

Emilie T.

Erica F.

Erin M.

Eunice E.

Gail Elizabeth R.

Heather J.

Heidi M.

Jen B.

Joanna C.

Joy S.

Leanne W.

Lindsay H.

Lisa M.

Samantha G.

Trisha W.

We are so honored to have each of these Associates as a part of our Isagenix family. They truly know the meaning of One Team. To learn more about how you can be recognized at future events, stay tuned to