Starting today, Jan. 2 in the U.S. and Puerto Rico, the new Value Pak will include more to help you transform your body and transform your business. Replace unhealthy cravings with premium nutrition, boost your confidence, shed unwanted pounds and inches, and have the best cleansing experience, all with significant value and savings. Here’s what’s changing!

New Products

The new Weight Loss Value Pak will begin shipping in the U.S. and Puerto Rico and will contain our most popular 30-Day Cleansing and Fat Burning System along with one canister of Isagenix Greens™, one box of Whey Thins™, and the new IsaBlender® Max! The IsaBlender Max has greater power, versatility, and function. The IsaBlender Max will initially only be available as part of the Value, Premium, and Ultimate Paks. It will be available for sale individually later this year. These new contents will replace the current IsaBlender and the Rejuvity® Sampler in the current Value Pak.

Sales Tools

The Weight Loss Value Pak will now include – in addition to the current $75 event coupon, sales toolkit, and product system guide – a $25 product coupon* to be used on any future order and two Friends & Family Free Membership activation codes** that can be used to share Isagenix products and systems with others by waiving their first year’s membership fees. That’s a HUGE added value!

Price & Bonuses

For Associates who are sharing the Value Pak with others and participating in the Isagenix Compensation Plan, the Product Introduction Bonus will jump from $80 to $100. With the additions of the new products, improved IsaBlender Max, product and membership coupons, and increased PIB, the overall price of the Weight Loss Value Pak will increase by $30, making the new Preferred Customer Autoship price $589.

For our friends in the north, the cost, PIB, and contents of the Weight Loss Value Pak will not change in Canada, but the pak will ship with the new IsaBlender Max instead of the existing IsaBlender!

Add the Weight Loss Value Pak to your Autoship, and transform your body and your business in 2018!


All amounts are listed in U.S. dollars.

*The $25 product coupon does not impact Business Volume (BV). Full BV will be applied based on the total of the order before the $25 product coupon is applied.

**The Friends & Family coupon activation codes will reduce the price of Paks by $29 that currently offer free membership with purchase (Value, Premium and Ultimate). A 150BV minimum is required for redemption.