SLEEP-IsaFYI-1200X1200Improve your health and get more sleep with the Brain and Sleep Support System.

ActiveBrain_000011326763“The brain is the most powerful, most complex organ in the body,” says Dr. Michael Colgan, an expert in sleep and brain health. “We need to take care of our brain as much as we take care of our teeth.”

That’s a good point: You wake up in the morning and brush your teeth, and then brush them again before heading to bed.

Why not nourish your brain during the morning and before you sleep with the melatonin sleep aid Brain and Sleep Support System? With three capsules of the Brain Boost & Renewal™ in the morning and one spray of Sleep Support & Renewal™ at night, you’re on the path to a sharper brain.

Read on to learn how sleep is an important factor to your brain’s health, or listen to the “Science of Sleep” podcast to discover more.

Give Your Brain a Boost

The Brain Boost & Renewal is a formula of nutrients. These nutrients maintain healthy neuron function thereby promoting mental focus and concentration throughout the day.

When taking the recommended amount in the morning, Brain Boost & Renewal releases an antioxidant known as glutoathione, which is important to the health of neurons. Neurons are important because they help receive or send messages that aid with motor, language, and thinking functions.

With the tools to keep the neurons in your brain firing, the Brain Boost & Renewal offers the nutrients it needs for a sharper brain as time goes by.

The Importance of a Good Night’s Rest


Did you know that a third of the brain’s daily functional repair is controlled by a restful night’s sleep?

“What’s startling is that 70 million Americans do not get enough sleep,” says Dr. Colgan in the “Science of Sleep” podcast. “The Cleveland Sleep Center recommends seven to eight hours of sleep per night.”

Sleep Support & Renewal is a convenient peppermint spray that contains melatonin, a hormone that assists in getting your nightly zzz’s. Interestingly enough, at age 35 the amount of melatonin you produce wanes—the same time that cognitive abilities begin to decline within the brain.

When the sun sets, your body produces melatonin. Larger amounts of melatonin are released when it’s nighttime—helping you sleep. Light affects your circadian rhythm–your body’s sleep-wake cycle–which can affect your sleeping habits.

“Your sleep cycle is incredibly important because it puts your brain into a recovery process,” says Dr. Colgan.

Therefore, if you’re up late watching T.V., texting on a cell phone, or browsing the Internet on the computer, you produce lower amounts of melatonin due to the light from these activities. With this, you’re affecting sleep, therefore affecting the necessary recovery needed for your brain’s health.

The Perfect Pair


With the Sleep Support & Renewal product, you’ll enjoy a restful sleep with a liquid spray that is absorbed directly into your blood system. Paired with the Brain Boost & Renewal, you’ll be focused and ready to take on the day while supporting the longevity of your brain’s health.

“I’ve had sleep issues for many years coupled with serious bouts of low energy and brain fog,” says Associate, Andrea H., from New York. “I can’t remember the year that I just got up and went to sleep without having to worry if I would fall asleep.”

Want to learn more scientific research of your brain’s functions through sleep? Listen to the “Science of Sleep” podcast at