Vote for Your Favorite “Spirit of Isagenix” Nominee

Congratulations to the 50 Isagenix® Associates who were nominated for the “Spirit of Isagenix” Award.

After careful consideration, the Top 10 nominees, whose remarkable mentorship and leadership qualities impressed the Isagenix Executive Team, were selected and are highlighted below. Now they need your vote!

Only until July 1, vote for the one Associate you think exemplifies the true “Spirit of Isagenix.” If you’re one of the 10 nominated Associates, be sure to share your story on Facebook and Twitter to boost your votes. Please note that only vote per Associate will be counted.

The Top 3 nominees who receive the most votes will be announced and awarded on stage at 2012 “Your Future Starts Today” Celebration.

Here are the chosen Top10 Finalists (in no particular order):





Ellen Reach, New York

Rank: 1 Star Executive, 3 Star Golden Circle

Ellen continently drives from New York to Pennsylvania for routine team meetings. Her giving and nurturing nature inspires others and she always finds one-on-one time for each member. She also works tirelessly helping everyone, even those who aren’t on her team, become successful.

Ellen is also committee to her own growth as an individual, leader and mentor so she can be her best for everyone.






 Laurie Kelley, Montana

Rank: 1 Star Silver Circle

Laurie reaches out to folks near and far—coaching and assisting everyone she can. In fact, Laurie has done more three-way calls for non-team members! She enjoys helping Associates on their journeys. She is a servant, a giver, and has tremendous heart! It’s what you do when nobody is watching that really counts.







Tricia Hagelstein, Washington

Rank: 1 Star Crystal Executive, 2 Star Golden Circle

Tricia’s expertise combined with the Isagenix system has transformed lives and enriched relationships.

As her family’s sole financial provider, Tricia tirelessly works a full-time position and holds meetings in the evenings for her teammates. She is passionate about creating belief in the industry and belief in nutrition; they go hand-in-hand to create exceptional health and financial freedom.







Angie & Devon Wagenaar, Ontario, CA

Rank: 1 Star Silver Circles

After attending IsaU Toronto, Angie began building an outstanding team of young mothers and flight attendants who are impacting the lives of those they meet. She is a woman of integrity and a team player. She has outstanding belief in the company, the products and herself. Angie is an amazing example of someone who goes above and beyond, putting others before herself.







Jimmy Smith, Pennsylvania

Rank: Isagenix Top Income Earner, Millionaire, 18 Star Platinum Circle

& 6 Star Crystal Executive

Jimmy is an outstanding mentor who serves as an inspirational leader and ambassador who represents the Isagenix culture. He works tirelessly to help so many people, traveling to be part of Associate-sponsored events, sharing his time and resources with many, and expecting nothing in return.  He is loyal to Isagenix and is very grateful for what he’s accomplished without taking credit. His belief in the company and the products shine with every word.









Dawn and Robin Cermak, Maryland


Rank: 4 Star Executive, 4 Star Golden Circle


Rank: 1 Star Executive, 4 Star Golden Circle

Dawn and Robin C. are extraordinary in their commitment to sharing the values and beliefs of Isagenix and leading others to greatness. They coach product users and business builders by hosting a weekly “Wednesday Winners Group” (WWG) meeting and team calls that are open to anyone. They create learning opportunities and work one-on-one to help others overcome obstacles. They lead by example and challenge themselves as well as WWG participants to set goals; then celebrate every step toward those goals.







Lori Lober, Missouri

Rank: 4 Star Crystal Executive, 3 Star Golden Circle

Lori is a devoted, passionate, inspirational, loving lady who gives from the heart and doesn’t ask for anything in return.  One of her life’s goals is to help others achieve their dreams. Lori has a natural ability to provide guidance and reassurance when needed. She works countless hours giving herself to those who need a listening ear or words of wisdom.







Jeff and Alissa Boris, Ontario, CA

Rank: 2 Star Crystal Executives, 2 Star Golden Circles

Jeff and Alissa represent Isagenix with integrity, high moral standards and are examples of true IsaFamily members. Alissa, a stay-at-home mom, promotes Isagenix every day and Jeff is readily available to answer questions. Isagenix is privileged to have such a fine couple representing their products and culture.








Dave MacArthur, Utah

Rank: 1 Star Crystal Executive, 6 Star Golden Circle

Dave is the ultimate role model. He is constantly learning and working to be the best leader he can be for his team.  He tirelessly helps with meetings, presentations, phone calls, and webinars, while also travelling and training his team and others. He continuously recognizes his team for their accomplishments and never overlooks even the smallest positive steps.







Shauna Ekstrom, Texas

Rank: Isagenix Millionaire, 12 Star Crystal Executive, 7 Star Golden Circle

Shauna has a genuine passion for helping others achieve their goals. She is a powerful example of success, commitment and dedication to not only her family, but also to Isagenix. Shauna continually motivates others and acknowledges their accomplishments along the way. She truly lives the Spirit of Isagenix in all she does!

To vote for your favorite “Spirit of Isagenix” nominee before July 1, please send a quick email to with your choice.

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