reachingTheSummit-IsaFYI-1200x1200When we think of climbing one of the tallest mountains in the world, many of us feel it is a feat nearly impossible for the everyday person to reach. Similarly, as we see Isagenix Associates succeed and become 6- & 7-figure income earners, we sometimes dismiss the idea for ourselves, thinking it can’t happen for everyone.


Kathy, Kevin, and their team hiked to the 19,341-foot summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

We all have fears and challenges of some sort. For Isagenix Associates Kevin and Kathy, it’s about overcoming these trials and reaching the top.

“Working with people, you find they have so many little challenges in their head about changing their lifestyles and becoming successful—that’s the challenge of the mountain, too.”


Kathy followed fitness professionals on Facebook who were using Isagenix. She eventually joined Isagenix after moving near its headquarters in Chandler, Arizona.

With a master’s degree in exercise science, Kathy had been involved in health and fitness throughout her life. She thought she had tried everything. Her experience with Isagenix completely surprised her, as she had no idea her body could improve even more and she could feel even healthier.

“I couldn’t believe the quality of the products and how they changed my body, my energy, my mental clarity…everything,” Kathy says. “I was hooked after the first week.”

Kevin Everest

In 2007, Kevin stood on top of the world, accomplishing the incredible feat of climbing the world’s highest mountain: 29,029-foot Mount Everest. He deemed it one of his greatest personal victories.

While hiking one of their favorite trails on Camelback mountain, Kathy met Kevin. A professional mountain climber and excellent team leader, Kevin has spent nearly 23 years in the climbing world, successfully reaching the summit of some of the world’s tallest mountains.

He also owns his own climbing business where he coaches climbers while focusing on building a community centered on service. In fact, leading up to each climb, every member of the team participates in community service projects, including volunteering at local orphanages, in the mountains’ nearby towns.

“One of the things that attracted me to Kevin was his leadership style, inspiring people to believe in themselves,” recalls Kathy, a belief she strives to instill in the people she works with at Isagenix as well.

Fueled by Isagenix

Kevin and Kathy became friends, began training together, and soon Kathy surmounted her first real climb, reaching the top of Mount Kilimanjaro in July 2014. Later, she and Kevin climbed Mount Aconcagua together with two others, fueled with Isagenix products.

beginning climb

Kevin and Kathy’s favorite products to support their bodies during extreme climbs include Ionix® Supreme, IsaLean® PRO, Replenish™, and of course, e+™ Shots!

“Regardless of whether you’re doing Kilimanjaro, Aconcagua, or Camelback, you need to be fueled,” says Kevin. “Especially when you have a multiple-day trip, a string of seven to 20 days in a row, you need to keep your nutrition up.”

Prior to meeting Kathy, Kevin had used various products to supplement his diet, as climbing takes a huge toll on the body. In 2007, Kevin successfully reached one of his most memorable moments, surmounting Mount Everest, the tallest mountain in the world. During the climb, he burned so many calories that he lost several pounds.

e+ snowmanWith an average day on the mountain ranging from 4-8 hours, providing the body with adequate nutrition was vital. Since meeting Kathy and beginning Isagenix, Kevin believes he has found the right products to keep him nourished during long, difficult days on the mountain.

“Having my body work at optimum ability is crucial,” says Kevin. “My recovery and output of energy is so much different than it used to be. I know how to push my body and I know when it’s working properly. When you’re going from 19,800 feet to 22,300 feet in a day using these products, and you still feel good, strong, and mentally clear as you go, you know the products are working.”

Overcoming Challenges

team 2

Kathy celebrated her first climb with her team atop Mount Kilimanjaro.

Kevin and Kathy believe that anyone is capable of anything they set their minds to, including making it to the summit of a 20,000-foot mountain. As with Isagenix, the two know it is not about being in perfect physical shape, but instead about listening to training and guidance and building your body to the best it can be.

“Isagenix changes peoples’ lives. It’s hard to explain to people until they try the products and feel it for themselves,” says Kathy. “That’s what the mountain did for me last year on my first trip and again this year on Mount Aconcagua. It is an experience I want to share with everyone, just like how I want to share Isagenix with everyone I meet.”

There will always be challenges along the way, they say. It’s all about overcoming them. Kevin and Kathy can connect their philosophy of surmounting a climb to going an Isagenix journey. As long as you believe in leadership, trust one another, and work together, you can do anything.

“A big challenge is the mental game and fighting those demons,” they say. “It’s important to keep everyone motivated and believing in themselves. In the end, you’ve got to do it as a team to reach the top.”


Kevin and his teams, including his business partner Kristen, and company board member Kyle, support those with disabilities and are largely focused on community service.