young jerry hairston jr with dad

Jerry Hairston, Jr. knows what it takes to succeed in Major League Baseball. He’s a third-generation MLB player who’s played pro baseball since 1998. MLB has a notoriously long and grueling schedule: 162 regular season games in 189 days. When you figure in travel, there’s virtually no time off.

“Mentally, you have to make sure you’re ready for that grind,” says Jerry. “When you’re constantly traveling and trying to perform at that high level every single night, you have to definitely be on your game mentally and not let that grueling schedule wear on you.”

The Curve Balls

Beyond the schedule, Jerry had another curve ball thrown his way during the off-season last year when he had to endure hip surgery. While he made it back to play for the LA Dodgers during the regular season, he didn’t really get a chance to train and work out because he was too busy trying to get his hip back into shape. At 37, he is already starting to work himself into peak shape this off-season with a focus on being in the best shape of his career for next season.

Discovering the Game-Changer

Jerry post-workout

As an elite athlete, Jerry has had a lot of health and wellness products thrown his way over the years. Isagenix®, however, was different. His childhood friend, former NFL player and Isagenix 4-Star Golden Circle Executive, JJ Birden, told Jerry he had to try the Isagenix products. “After talking to JJ, I did my research on it and a lot of people basically swore by the product,” says Jerry.

Once he started using Isagenix, he noticed a significant difference compared to other health-and-wellness products. Other products might help him “feel good for 30 minutes, but then I would have that crash; that down period,” explains Jerry. “But, when I take Isagenix products, I feel great throughout the day.”

Major Results

Jerry Hairston Jr with eplus

When we spoke to Jerry, he’d just finished an intense workout. He’s been using Isagenix products for nearly two months and says he’s definitely noticed an improvement in his performance. To start and finish his day, Jerry takes Ageless Joint Support™ tablets. He also uses e+ energy shots before games and all of his workouts. The results?

“I have a 37-year-old body, but I feel like I’m 25 again,” shares Jerry. Twenty or thirty minutes of a hard workout used to wear him down, but now he can complete an hour or more of intense training without the nagging fatigue. “That’s exactly what I’m looking for” in nutritional products, he says.

The Next Season

So what’s next for Jerry? Perhaps another season of playing professional baseball, but he’s also planning for his life after he hangs up the uniform. He already works as a sports commentator and plans to continue doing so after he finishes playing, but, he’s also starting to build his Isagenix business.

“I don’t care how much money you make,” says Jerry. “You always want to continue growing yourself and also make sure you’re giving your body the best opportunity to be well, too. I think Isagenix gives you that opportunity.”