Craving crunchy? Or, maybe something hot?

We have two new savory solutions that are going to help you stick with your New Year’s resolution and beyond!


Crunch Your Cravings With Whey Thins

Did you know that 1 in 6 of us is consuming 40 percent of our daily calories through snacking alone? The global snacking market is exploding—but many of the treats available are filled with unhealthy ingredients and empty calories.

Not so with the new Isagenix® Whey Thins! Whey Thins are healthy, filling snack crackers featuring 10 grams of high-quality protein, a blend of seven whole grains and, get this, just 100 calories per single-serving pack! Perfect for Shake Days, Whey Thins are available in two flavors: Barbecue and Sour Cream & Chive. So, snack guilt-free and stick to your healthy Isagenix lifestyle without worrying about breaking the calorie bank with just one pack daily. (Keep reading for Shake Day snacking tips and guidelines).

Purchase a box of Whey Thins for 10 packs of the crunchy snacks for just $22 wholesale and 15 BV.

Here’s a quick video on this crunchy treat:

Heat Up Your Shake Day With Wild Mushroom IsaLean Soup

You’re already in love with Butternut Squash IsaLean® Soup—now meet its tasty relative, Wild Mushroom IsaLean Soup! Featuring 24 grams of the same, high-quality undenatured whey and milk protein as our IsaLean Shake, Wild Mushroom IsaLean Soup includes a savory wild mushroom flavor that our top leaders are already raving about.

Isagenix Millionaire Kathy H. of Colorado writes, “I love the new Wild Mushroom IsaLean Soup. The creamy texture is nice and the taste is perfect. You did it again by creating another of my favorite soup flavors.”

Watch this quick video to learn more:

Grab a 14-packet box of Wild Mushroom IsaLean Soup for just $42.95 Wholesale with 29 BV today!

Shake Day Snacking Tips & Guidelines:

-Aim for only 200-400 calories in “extras” (snacks, specifically) in addition to your IsaLean Shakes/Soups and mid-day meal.
-Snack TWICE a day—late morning and mid-afternoon—to stave off the cravings.
-Shake Day-approved snacks include:
-Isagenix Snacks!™
-IsaDelight Plus™ chocolates
-Isagenix Whey Thins

Keep your eyes out for a special mailer enclosed in your next product order featuring Senior Director of Field Development Erik Coover! Simply fill in his “thought bubble,” capture a picture with your phone and share it through Twitter and/or Instagram with the hashtag “#wheythins” for your chance to win a FREE box of Whey Thins!

Learn more about the new Whey Thins and IsaLean Soup with this informative podcast audio featuring Isagenix Nutrition Communications Specialist II Gillean Barkyoumb, MS, RD.

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