The latest edition of #STARTYOURLIFE magazine features inspiring stories of Isagenix Associates ages 18-35 who are living extraordinary lives all over the globe. As the featured Tool in the Spotlight, when you purchase a 10-pack of START magazines by April 30, 2017, you can save US$20 with the coupon code STARTSave20!

What’s Inside?startyourlife-mag

This issue is full of stories about START members who lead full, enriching lives and motivate readers to go out there and do the same. You’ll definitely want to catch features written by powerful thought leaders including Brené Brown, Darren Hardy, and Peta Kelly.

Isagenix is about more than high-quality products. We are about transforming physically, leading healthy lifestyles, and gaining the freedom to achieve our goals. #STARTYOURLIFE magazine showcases the incredible Isagenix culture and explains how the START movement is rapidly growing as a vehicle for young people to take ownership of their health and future.

How to Use This Tool

START magazine tells relatable stories of contribution, the entrepreneurial spirit, and the search for a life of purpose. Bring copies of the magazine to Launch Parties, place them in waiting rooms with your contact information, or have them on hand to share with people when they ask you what you do for a living.

Share this highly motivational tool packed with inspiring stories of Isagenix Associates who have risen above the status quo and now live life by their own design. Purchase a pack to share at, and take advantage of this special promotion.