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The Business Benefits Behind Attending Isagenix Events

Numbers don’t lie. Business builders who attend Celebration, New Year Kick Off, Isagenix University, and University in Action events not only advance in rank quicker, but also experience a change in income.

These Core 4 Events, like all of our events, build belief, provide training, and act as a forum to have your business-related questions answered.

Each event includes exclusive leadership panels, trainers, stories, and information unique to each event to personally help you on your Isagenix journey.

Tracy O. leads by example and knows firsthand the benefits of attending all of the Isagenix Core 4 Events and how they can change your life.

Two days before attending her first Isagenix University, Tracy’s world was turned upside down, but having a ticket to the event pushed her to attend.

“That was the first time I heard Isagenix Millionaires and leaders Lynn H. and Susan S. train,” shares Tracy. “My belief in myself grew that day. I walked out of the room 10 feet tall and bulletproof.”

Her intention was to grow her business and be as successful as they were by the time her son entered college. She knew if she attended every event and learned from the leaders, she could fulfill her vision. She was right.

Here’s how her business benefited from attending every event:

  • Attended IsaU Phoenix by herself and built belief within herself.
  • Attended Celebration, brought one person, and saw a 176 percent change in her business’ income.
  • Attended IsaU Phoenix and saw a 150 percent change in income.
  • Attended 2014 New Year Kick Off, saw a 45 percent change in income, and started her first 90-Day Game Plan with 20 people on her team.
  • Attended IsaU Seattle and saw a 119 percent change in income from New Year Kick Off to IsaU Seattle.
  • Attended 2014 Celebration, 100 people from her organization attended, became a President’s Quest Winner, and saw a 45 percent change in income.
  • Attended IsaU Phoenix, 250 people from her organization attended, shared her story live onstage, and saw an 18 percent change in income.
  • Attended 2015 New Year Kick Off and had 250 people from her organization attend.
  • Attended University in Action and bolstered her courage even further.

For Tracy, the one thing that is non-negotiable within her team is attending events. It’s a must if any member of her team wants one-on-one business training with her.

“Attending events is a commitment, but it’s also having some skin in the game,” adds Tracy. “It’s also where you really experience the true culture of Isagenix.”

To hear more of Tracy’s incredible Isagenix journey and the power of attending the Isagenix Core 4 Events, tune in to this podcast.

To purchase tickets to the next Isagenix Core 4 Event, visit IsagenixEvents.com.