Building a business can be intimidating, especially if you’re new to the idea and are looking to establish residual income. As someone who is currently building a business, be sure to mention our easy, duplicable process with those who are interested.

The Challenge!

This week, Isagenix challenges you to share the success behind our life-changing products. That may mean talking about the new IsaBody™ Look Book, sharing a powerful success story posted on IsaFYI.com, or sharing your own personal Isagenix journey. Use this Challenge Week promotion to energize your Launch Parties and share our incredible Solutions to Transform Lives™.

The Challenge Week Promotion

From October 24 through October 30, 2016, any new Member who joins Isagenix with an initial order between 180 BV and 199 BV will receive one free six-count box of e+™, our popular energy shot (valued at US/CA$19). New customers who purchase 200 BV or more will receive two free six-count boxes of e+ (valued at US/CA $36). No coupon required!

How the New Member Can Receive the Discount

  • A new Member must join Isagenix with an initial qualifying order of 180 BV or higher.
  • Before checkout, make sure the new Member has e+ included in his or her order basket. Please note that e+ does not count toward the BV requirement. If the new Member has an order of 180-199 BV, he or she must have at least one box of e+ in his or her basket. If the new Member’s order is 200 BV or higher, he or she must have at least two boxes of e+ in his or her basket to automatically receive the discount at checkout.
  • During checkout, the e+ shot will be fully discounted in the new Member’s basket. Due to the product being discounted, the BV level will be discounted as well.

Kick-Start the Week

One convenient, two-ounce bottle of e+ contains a blend of carefully selected botanicals to help you feel refreshed, energized, and mentally alert and has a better flavor profile than your average cup of joe.† And at 35 calories a shot, it works with your favorite Isagenix System.

Enjoy up to two shots daily to increase your energy, stamina, and mental alertness. In addition, one shot of e+:

  • Lasts for hours.
  • Improves focus and physical performance.
  • Is safe and effective.

Interested in Building a Business? Get on Board!

  • Accept the Million Dollar Challenge.
    Maximize the time you put into introducing new people to Isagenix by earning points for business-building activities. Through the Million Dollar Challenge, you can earn points toward monthly prizes for sharing Isagenix. Visit the “Contest & Promotions” tab in your Back Office for more details.
  • Opt in to the 90-Day Game Plan Training.
    Interested in learning how to build an Isagenix business or want to pick up some new entrepreneurial skills? Participate in the 90-Day Game Plan training! The 90-Day Game Plan kicked off on August 22, 2016, but it’s not too late to get started! Simply log in to your Back Office and opt in.

*Free e+ is discounted to qualifying orders that include e+ in the order basket at the time of checkout if placed from October 24, 2016 (12 a.m. ET) to October 30, 2016 (11:59 p.m. ET). New Members who order between 180 BV and 199 BV will receive one six-count box of e+. New Members who order 200 BV or more will receive two six-count boxes. e+ product does not count toward the BV requirement. This offer is available in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. To access details in your market, visit IsaFYI.com and select your country flag or contact Customer Care. If you are participating in the Million Dollar Challenge, please note the BV for the free product will not count toward the New Member’s initial order.

†These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.