Mocha Relaunch

Mocha Makes a Bold Return!

Mocha mania: a state in which one’s desire for limited-edition Mocha IsaLean™ Shake exceeds a level beyond normal cravings, resulting in a period of intense need, anticipation, and excitement.

Does this sound like someone you may know?

Mocha mania recommenced here at the corporate office when dedicated Mocha lover Sherry Davis, an Isagenix Associate, posted her plea for “more Mocha” on social media. We heard her heartfelt message, and we delivered – in a BIG way!

In response to Sherry’s wish, we sent a team from Isagenix World Headquarters in Gilbert, Arizona, to surprise her with a special message (and delivery). Check out the video below!

Livin’ La Vida Mocha

Are you committed to livin’ la vida Mocha, too? This is the time to live loud, proud, and bold – more so than ever before. Let Mocha support your health goals as you transform your body. With 23 essential vitamins (see the U.S. and Canada nutritional facts for more details), you can feel confident knowing you are fueling your body with quality protein and nutrition.

Available in the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico, Associates and Preferred Customers can purchase seasonal Mocha IsaLean Shake for US$39.95/27 BV and CA$44.95/27 BV.

Head to the IsaLife™ app on your smartphone or mobile device to order your canisters today. You’re just a click away from livin’ la vida Mocha!

Due to limited supply, a maximum of 20 canisters may be purchased per order. Keep in mind, canisters can only be purchased as an individual wholesale item. Orders will be shipped based on inventory; this product is not available to add to your monthly Autoship orders or as an option when building an Isagenix System.