The Votes Are In!

The World Has Voted and The Winners of The Isagenix Video Awards Are Revealed!

The World Has Voted and the Winners of the Isagenix Video Awards Contest Are Revealed!

The world has watched and the world has voted and the top three vote-getting videos posted to the website are confirmed. Almost 40 participants from across the Isagenix vast community submitted videos that were funny, engaging and entertaining.

Here are the winning, top-vote getting video submissions, in order:

1. Hourly to Infinity – Why I Joined Isagenix (1,824 Likes)

2. Percentage of 40-year-Old Men That Consider Themselves Physically Fit: 69

3. Pretty Little Cleansers – (569 Likes)

Congratulations to all of our Top 2012 vote getters!* We appreciate all of our participating 2012 candidates of course because without you, we would not enjoy the explosive success that Isagenix has enjoyed for the past 10 years!

Join us at 2012 “Your Future Starts Today” Celebration in Phoenix, Ariz., at the Phoenix Convention Center August 9-12, 2012 where we will feature the winning video submission “Hourly to Infinity”! This popular video will also be featured on The Isagenix YouTube channel until early 2013.

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* Winners will be contacted by Isagenix regarding prize details.