Take on Twitter in 5 Easy Steps with the IsaGeeks

Rachel from IsaGeeks, our collection of in-house tech experts, helps you master Twitter! If you like what you read, you can find similar posts by visiting IsaGeeks.com.

IsaTwitter_960x960A business builder without a Twitter® account is like a Valentine’s Day without IsaDelight Plus™ — you’re missing out! Twitter is a free way to build and personalize your brand on a social network with more than 230 million active users.

If you don’t have an account yet, don’t let that ruffle your feathers. We’ll have you Tweeting like a songbird in no time.

It’s rather simple to take on Twitter. Here’s how:

1. Sign Up

It’s fast, easy and free. Just go to Twitter.com to create your account. Remember, your username (aka “Twitter handle”) should reflect your brand and, if possible, match your name on other sites.

2. Be a Follower

Twitter is one place where following is essential. After you sign up, find like-minded Tweeters to “follow.” The Tweets of those you follow show up in your Twitter home page (or “timeline.”) You can share (or “Retweet”) their Tweets, and hopefully they’ll return the favor.  Seek out other Associates, fitness celebrities and businesses you love — you can start with us!

3. Tweet Often

Start sharing helpful or interesting content at least six to 10 times per day. Post hourly if it’s important content, like event updates or breaking news. Ask questions. Provide facts. Share cool links and images related to health and wellness. Weekdays are the best time to Tweet. Traffic picks up mid-morning and peaks 1-3 p.m. EST. You can enter up to 140 characters, and Twitter uses bit.ly to automatically shorten any links you use.

4. Use Hashtags

A hashtag is the pound (#) symbol followed by a keyword or phrase without spaces or punctuation. Tweeters use them to categorize posts and conversations. Hashtags turn into links people can click or search for. Include one or two per Tweet. For examples, go to Twitter, and search for #TogetherWeWill or #NYKO. You’ll see all of the fun we had at 2014 New Year Kick Off.

5. Get Retweeted

This should be your primary goal. One way to gauge a Tweet’s effectiveness by the number of Retweets it gets. Increase your chances of having others Retweet your posts by including links, images, videos or quotes. When people Retweet your posts, it extends lifespan of your Tweets. On average, most Tweets “live” less than an hour. After that, they’re lost in the rapid stream that is the Twittersphere.

isageeks_200pxWe’ve covered the basics here but, if you get stuck, flock to IsaGeeks.com or IsaGeeks on Facebook for more social media tips.

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