Stronger, Faster, Better: How Team Isagenix Takes Athletes to the Next Level

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At Isagenix, we're always striving to achieve greater personal growth. We aim to be stronger, run faster, and change more lives than ever before, and Team Isagenix offers the inspiration and encouragement to help you get there. Don't take our word for it; see why some of our newest Team Isagenix athletes have joined the crew.

Teacher & New Mom Becomes Team Isagenix Athlete

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After celebrating her daughter Ava’s first birthday, Katie felt insecure with her body and decided it was time to do something. As soon as she ordered her Isagenix products, her enrolling sponsor told her she should join the IsaBody Challenge®. Now, this 2016 IsaBody Challenge Honorable Mention and amazing competitor is one of our newest Team Isagenix athletes.

Tool in the Spotlight: Share the Transformation Promo Materials – Extended Through July 31, 2016!

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Inspire your team, and pique the curiosity of your friends and family with two of the most powerful sharing tools in the toolbox. Order an IsaBody™ Look Book and a Team Isagenix Brochure pack, and receive 15 percent off your entire order! Watch as Team Isagenix athlete Laurie Dickson shares how she uses these tools to build her Isagenix business.

How This Ultimate Power Couple Stays Fueled With Isagenix

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As a couple who loves both bodybuilding and ultramarathon running, Crystal and Jesse struggled to find the right balance in their training routine. "Many athletes believe you can't do both," says Jesse. Through trial and error and the help of Isagenix, this power couple is now following a powerful workout regimen that fulfills both of their passions.

How You Can Approach Athletes About Isagenix and More Tips

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A tool for athletes and non-athletes alike, Team Isagenix helps Associates take their performance to the next level through growth in key business building activities and great nutrition. As we welcomed our newest athletes to the team, we asked a few to share their favorite products, training tips, and how they approach fellow athletes about Isagenix.

Learn How AMPED Can Help Increase Strength (Series)

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Everyone can benefit from an increase in strength. Even if you’re not an athlete, stronger, more efficient muscles can benefit your overall health and make daily activities easier and more enjoyable. But for those who play sports, whether competitively or recreationally, a boost in strength can significantly increase overall performance and help you dominate wherever you play!

Use the AMPED Product Line to Help Your Business Thrive

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AMPED™ is the latest line of revolutionary performance products aimed to transform your workout, but it can also help transform your business. The five products that make up AMPED—Power, NOx, Fuel, Recover, and Hydrate (currently Replenish™)—create an opportunity for both current Associates and prospective new members to boost performance and their businesses.

How Our Team Isagenix Athletes Pump Iron

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Bodybuilders are sculptors of the human form, balancing strict nutrition and relentless training with the sole purpose of standing alone onstage as a champion. The athletes at the top of their game know every calorie, macronutrient, and supplement that goes into their bodies, and they are extremely disciplined. Be inspired by some of these athletes in Team Isagenix.

From Super Bowl Champ to Pilates Instructor: Why Isagenix Works for All Athletes

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The athletes of Team Isagenix have dedicated themselves to countless hours of training in order to call themselves champions, but they know that’s not all it takes to reach extraordinary success in their fields. Team Isagenix is constantly growing as more and more athletes discover the power of great nutrition. Please help us welcome our newest athletes!

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