Prime Time Couple Shares Passion for Life and Isagenix

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A lively and energetic couple, Harry and Dolores started using Isagenix products five years ago for different issues. The couple is passionate about the culture and community of Isagenix. They focus on being involved in multiple activities by attending every event they possibly can and staying involved in the Prime Time group.

Natural-Born Leader Shares Her Passion for Life

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With an inquisitive nature from her passion for life and love and as a member of Prime Time, Denise hopes to contribute to her generation through service and leadership. After releasing weight through the IsaBody Challenge®, she built her Isagenix business and shares her passion for living healthy with everyone in her life.

Couple Rediscovers Their Life of Adventure

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High school sweethearts Jennifer and Mark grew up with a youthful energy and optimism for their future, but as they had children and got older, they lost those feelings and were instead stressed out and exhausted. After being introduced to Isagenix by Alvie S., they experienced not only a physical transformation but also a spark in their life and marriage.

Prime Time at 2016 Celebration: Creating Connections and Community

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The Prime Time movement has been making waves throughout Isagenix, and during 2016 “One Team” Celebration, it became a hot topic. Thousands of Isagenix customers stopped by to visit the Prime Time booth while current members met and mingled with each other, and hundreds of new members joined, excited for the opportunity to learn more about healthy aging.

Healthy Aging During the Prime of Her Life

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Midwestern native turned southern California transplant Jeanine joined Isagenix with the intention of reaching a healthy weight. An impromptu trip to 2015 Celebration in San Diego further sparked her interest in Isagenix and the IsaBody Challenge®. However, Jeanine was concerned that to successfully lose weight, she would have to lift weights at the gym. But, she discovered other methods that worked for herself.

Isagenix Announces New Community for Healthy Aging

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There’s a new online community that places value on supporting and helping others while providing useful information to show people how to live healthier, longer: Prime Time. Prime Time is a group of like-minded people with hopes to inspire others to positively transform their lives and build a strong sense community and belonging in the process.

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