Use the AMPED Product Line to Help Your Business Thrive

AMPED™ is the latest line of revolutionary performance products aimed to transform your workout, but it can also help transform your business. The five products that make up AMPED—Power, NOx, Fuel, Recover, and Hydrate (currently Replenish™)—create an opportunity for both current Associates and prospective new members to boost performance and their businesses. Continue reading →

How Our Team Isagenix Athletes Pump Iron

Bodybuilders are sculptors of the human form, balancing strict nutrition and relentless training with the sole purpose of standing alone onstage as a champion. The athletes at the top of their game know every calorie, macronutrient, and supplement that goes into their bodies, and they are extremely disciplined. Be inspired by some of these athletes in Team Isagenix. Continue reading →

The Isagenix Science Team Answers Your AMPED Performance Product Questions (FAQ)

Do you have questions about our latest line of performance products? The Isagenix Science Team has answers! Our research scientists and staff have collected your most common and crucial questions to create a list of frequently asked questions and about the AMPED™ product line. Find them here. Continue reading →

After Winning One Bodybuilding Competition, This Isagenix Employee Is Getting AMPED Up for the Next

After using AMPED™ Power to fuel his workouts, Alex won the Arizona State Bodybuilding Competition in the Men’s Open Light Heavyweight class, which qualified him for a national competition that he will participate in this June. This year, he plans to use the entire AMPED Performance System to fuel his workouts. Continue reading →

Team Isagenix Takes the Sports World by Storm

The members of Team Isagenix are committed to taking their health and performance to the next level, and we’d like to recognize a few athletes who have done just that. Here, they share why health is so important to both their personal lives and athletic careers. Congratulations to these Team Isagenix athletes who reached astonishing levels of performance in 2015. Continue reading →

Meet AMPED: The Future of Your Performance (Video)

When Isagenix Chief Science Officer Dr. Suk Cho announced the new AMPED™ products onstage at NYKO 2016, he enlisted the help of the famous Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders to introduce AMPED in style. They say everything is bigger in Texas, but even the 28th state will need to step back to see what AMPED is about to bring to athletic performance. Continue reading →

4 Things Your Workout Could Be Missing Without AMPED Power

It’s only been a little over a month since Isagenix launched its latest performance product—AMPED™ Power—and it’s already a wild success with athletes and weekend warriors everywhere. AMPED Power is a pre-workout drink mix combining creatine, Nitrosigine®, and citrulline to increase power and help improve blood flow during workouts. Continue reading →