The Coovers Are Heading to Asia!

Join Jim and Kathy as they lead exclusive business trainings on how to successfully share Isagenix products and culture. Their trainings will set the groundwork for teaching others how to use our proven business building tools internationally. Purchase your tickets now and join your team in Asia! Here are a few important dates to know. Continue reading →

Build Local, Grow Global in Indonesia

Since Isagenix Indonesia opened for business in June 2015, the growth of Isagenix has exceeded expectations—in both product sales and new members. Isagenix has only begun to scratch the surface of impacting lives in Indonesia. In fact, for every 109,026 residents, there is only one active Isagenix Associate leaving a huge opportunity for Isagenix to expand globally in this region. Continue reading →

Isagenix Products Now Available For Personal Use in Indonesia

Isagenix is pleased to announce that we are one step closer to officially opening in Indonesia. Although we are unable to ship products to Indonesia until the market opens for business, anyone in Indonesia interested in trying our products can sign up as an Associate with a valid Indonesian ID through our Hong Kong office and purchase products in order to become more familiar with our product line.  However, to be clear, products are not available for resale in Indonesia at this time. Additionally, Continue reading →