$85,000+ in Travel Cash & Cabin Upgrades

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The ChampionSHIP Challenge is your chance to earn a dream cruise vacation and your share of weekly bonuses through the end of 2017! We are setting sail on the largest promotion to date, and we can’t sail this ship without you. Assemble and register your crew of six to earn points now!

The Boom in June EXPLODED!

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It’s no secret that we’re all about fun promotions around here, but this summer, we took it to explosive, new levels with the Boom in June promotion! To say that this promo was a massive success would be a serious understatement; just check out the thousands of Associates who earned prizes and experiences on top of their commissions and personal rewards.

Assemble Your ChampionSHIP Challenge Crew!

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July 10, 2017, marks the launch of the ChampionSHIP Challenge and your chance to earn a dream cruise vacation and your share of weekly bonuses through the end of 2017! We are setting sail on the largest promotion to date, and we can’t sail this ship without you. Learn how to earn your spot now!

Boom in June FAQ

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Thanks to your efforts, this June has been one of the most exciting in Isagenix history! Not only has the Boom in June promotion already generated more winners than we ever expected, we’ve had plenty going on all around the globe, too. With so much going on, here’s EVERYTHING you need to know about Boom in June and your prizes.

Time Is Running Out on Boom in June!

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Biggest. Promotion. Ever. Aim for your biggest month ever with the Boom in June promotion! Get ready to BOOM with extra bonuses and perks for growing your business. Learn how to maximize the Boom in June with four activities! We’re offering a special deal to kick this promotion off right. Find all the details here.

Holidays Come Every Quarter!

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Every year, we pay out hundreds of thousands of dollars in bonuses to businesses around the world through the Holiday Bonus Pool. Now through Nov. 19, 2017, you, too, can earn shares and special recognition in the three remaining quarters of our Holiday Bonus Pool! Earning shares is simple. Get all the details here.

Three for Free Shipping One Month Left

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Be sure your new Members take advantage of the Three for Free Shipping promotion that's designed to save them up to US$25/CA$28 on FREE* ground shipping for their next three Autoship orders! New Members who join Isagenix with a qualifying order by June 11, 2017, can qualify. It’s as easy as shop, ship, and save!

#YouShare, #TheyShare Promo!

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The Isagenix Sales team is offering an incredible promotion that rewards you for You Share, They Share, Repeat™! This promotion is all about spreading knowledge and tips about how you and your fellow Associates successfully share Isagenix. Tell us what’s worked for you (#YouShare) or share how you helped your team members sign up a new Member (#TheyShare)!

Crystal Reset Deadline to Hit Director Coming Soon!

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Get a second chance to earn Crystal status and Crystal bonuses with our Crystal Reset promotion! We want to help you make 2017 your most successful year yet. That’s why we’ve launched the Crystal Reset promotion to give you another chance to achieve Crystal status (from now until July 12, 2017)!

A Special Challenge Week Promotion – Free Membership!

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Whether you are building a business with Isagenix or are just interested in sharing the systems and products with your friends and family, this week is the perfect time to welcome new Customers. Help others commit to achieving their health, fitness, and nutritional goals. New Customers are eligible to join Isagenix with free Membership this week!

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