Who is eligible to participate in the July Sweeter With Friends promotion?

  • Associates in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.


What type of enrollments count toward the July Sweeter With Friends promotion?

  • New Customers and Preferred Customers who join Isagenix with an initial order of 150 BV or more will count toward Sweeter With Friends


Is Autoship required for new Customers?

  • No, Autoship is not required for eligibility.


If I enroll eight new Customers on qualifying orders, would I receive the Away carry-on luggage as well as the US$150/CA$200 product credit and the US$250/CA$277.50 bonus?

  • Yes, you would receive all three levels of rewards if you have eight qualifying enrollments. If you have five qualifying enrollments, you would receive the US$150/CA$200 product coupon and the US$250/CA$277 bonus.


Will enrollments outside the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico count toward my Sweeter With Friends qualifications?

  • Yes, any of your personally enrolled worldwide will count toward your qualifications as long as the initial order is 150 BV or more.
  • For new Customers in the U.K. only: A Personally Enrolled Customer who resides in the U.K. and (1) joins Isagenix during a promotional period, and (2) orders at least 150 BV in products during the promotional period, will count as a qualified Customer for the Sweeter With Friends


Do I need a Global Celebration ticket to earn any of the rewards?

  • No, a Global Celebration ticket is not required to earn any of the rewards.


Can an Isagenix Customer earn the Sweeter With Friends rewards?

  • Only Associates are eligible to earn the Sweeter with Friends If an existing Customer converts his or her account to Associate status during the promotion period, all enrollments during the promotion dates will count toward the Sweeter With Friends rewards.


When I enroll three people with orders of 150 BV or more, when can I expect my product coupon?

  • The coupon will be loaded in the your Back Office “View Coupons” section five to 10 business days after you qualify.


What can I use the product coupon pay for, and how long is it available?

  • The product coupon will pay US$150/CA$200 worth of current products. However, it will not pay for any applicable taxes or shipping and is not applicable to any new products launched during the month of August 2018. The coupon must be redeemed 30 days after issue date. BV will not be earned on orders paid by the product coupon. The entire value must be used within your country of residence, no credit or cash back.


Can I apply the product coupon to my Autoship order?

  • Yes, you can apply the coupon to your upcoming Autoship order; it will automatically be utilized when your Autoship order is processed.


If I place an order and use the product coupon as payment and then return the product, what will happen?

  • In this instance, you would receive a product credit to be used in the future. You would not receive a monetary refund for the returned order.


When will I receive the US$250/CA$277.50 reward for enrolling at least five new Members at 150 BV or more with the Sweeter With Friends promotion?

  • The US$250/CA$277.50 reward will be paid out along with regular commissions Monday, Aug. 6, 2018.


If I enroll 10 people with the Sweeter With Friends promotion, would I earn the US$250/CA$277.50 bonus more than once?

  • No, all the Sweeter With Friends rewards including the US$250/CA$277.50 bonus are one-time bonuses.


When can I expect my Away carry-on luggage with the built-in charger?

  • If you enroll eight new Customers at 150 BV or more by July 15, 2018, you’ll receive your carry-on bag by July 31, 2018.

If you enroll eight new Customers at 150 BV or more between July 16 and July 29, 2018, you’ll receive your carry-on bag by Aug. 15, 2018.