1.16.2016_Success-Through-Events-Tool_Marcela-IsaFYI-1200x630Our Isagenix Associates understand how important it is to network with fellow Associates, develop new business building skills, strengthen their teams, and stay current on product information. That’s why we already have over 60 events planned for you in 2016 to do all that and more! And that doesn’t even take into account all your Associate-run events.

With a calendar that full, it can be difficult to figure out which events to attend and why you should attend them. That’s why Isagenix has introduced a new resource to guide you in selecting the right events to help your businesses thrive—the Success Through Events tool.


Launched at New Year Kick Off 2016, the Success Through Events tool is an interactive tool designed to help you plan your year and support your team in attending the right events.

Available on IsagenixEvents.com, the tool breaks our events into three categories, each with a foundational purpose. Our Core 4 Events help Associates build a strong belief in Isagenix and Leadership Events allow leaders to cultivate new skills to lead their teams. The final category, Associate-Run Events, gives you the opportunity to build your business by sharing your passion with new prospects and growing leaders within your team.

Discover which Isagenix events you want and need to attend this year. When you click on each type of event, a pop-up window allows you to view a description, recap video, and where to register for that event.

Attending these life-changing events gives you the opportunity to gain vision, culture, a sense of community, and a belief in Isagenix. We hope this tool helps lead you to success in 2016!