AMPED Strawberries & Cream Protein Bar

Far From Average & Full of Fuel

Let’s face it. Average doesn’t always cut it. Average doesn’t challenge you to be the best version of you. Average is just… average.

When you’re training, do you just “show up,” or do you “stand out?” When you must compete, do you just “play the game,” or do you “own the game?”

If you want to do more than just “show up” and “play,” then we are here to support you and help you get to the next level. The new Strawberries & Cream flavor AMPED™ Protein Bar delivers a powerful bite of classic fruity flavor strong enough to fuel your performance and your palate.

This new flavor is now available in the U.S. for US$34.95/24 BV – an exceptional value and a powerful addition to your performance regimen.

Don’t Be Average –Be AMPED!

This is not your average bar. Strawberries & Cream flavor is the latest addition to the existing AMPED Protein Bar collection. Providing 28 grams of a whey-based protein blend and high-quality ingredients, these bars can help capture your peak performance potential. Let AMPED Protein Bars help you maximize your training with superior nutrition. Athletes like you who are looking to take their daily protein intake up a notch can achieve their best performance yet.

We’ve raised the bar on protein, and you can, too.

Strawberries & Cream flavor, as an extension of the entire AMPED Protein Bar collection, is emerging as a standout partner within this competitive sports performance industry. This AMPED lineup has a powerful protein offering, catering to those individuals who are looking to have an active edge against the rest. With an impressive array of features and benefits, Strawberries & Cream flavor AMPED Protein Bar continues to:

  • Support lean muscle building and maintenance.
  • Have an excellent amino acid profile.
  • Remain free of artificial colors, flavors, and sweeteners.

But that’s not all…The Strawberries & Cream flavor AMPED Protein Bar features:

  • 4 grams of sugar.
  • Excellent taste.
  • Gluten- and soy-free ingredients.
  • Informed-Sport certification.

Gain Confidence in The Certification

We continue to make strides in the sports performance market, which is why we’ve decided to make our performance products, like our Strawberries & Cream flavor AMPED Protein Bar, Informed-Sport certified! What does this mean? If you’re a competitive or elite athlete or know someone who is, you can rest assured that our no-compromise approach to delivering the highest quality nutritional products ensures that only what’s on the label is going into your body. In addition, all Isagenix Performance products have been thoroughly tested for safety and are free of substances banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). The potential for these banned substances being found in sports supplements is surprisingly high, but Informed-Sport certification eliminates them altogether.

So, if you are looking to gain an active edge against the rest, or know someone who is, look no further than Strawberries & Cream flavor AMPED Protein Bar. We’re confident you won’t be fooled, just fueled from the very first bite.

You provide the sweat; we’ll provide the protein. Order now!