Whether you’re just starting out in network marketing or have been in the business for years, social media increases your network and is an important part of your network marketing business.


“Social media has completely changed the face of network marketing,” says 31-year-old Danielle. “With social media, I learned that these digital outlets exponentially increased and grew my business because it’s all about quick connections.”

Amelia, 23, agrees: “I knew that I had my vision and end goal in mind and how to share it on social media. What’s most important is that I knew that social media was no longer personal, it was a business and it was how I branded myself. Everything is intentional; once you have your ‘why’ then paint your picture and make those posts about that.”

In the podcast, these two social media mavens break down the basic steps on what it takes to increase your network. And no: You don’t need to join every single social media outlet in order to form successful connections.

Even better, Isagenix has a branded social media library to help streamline your Isagenix business on social media outlets. From inspirational quotes to seasonal posts, there’s everything for you to attract prospects on Facebook or LinkedIn.

Listen to Danielle and Amelia breakdown the benefits of social media on IsagenixPodcast.com now: