Our Sip & Sample Training calls will be teaching our Associates how to promote an event, put together an agenda, invite and remind your guests, set-up your event, how to present the products and opportunity and how to follow up. Learn the basics from those who have successfully used Sip & Sample events to launch their Isagenix business into massive momentum.

All events hosted on IsagenixZoom.com

Step 1: Watch the Training Videos
How to BOOK a Sip & Sample

How to HOST a Sip and Sample

Step 2: Find someone to Host a Sip & Sample for YOU!

Step 3: Fill out this survey to be selected for random product, SWAG, coupons to put towards your Sip & Sample!

Step 4: Post the social media images (Found in your Back Office under Training Center) to invite people to your Sip & Sample

Step 5: Spread photos and live testimonials on social media with us by using the hashtag #isagenixsipandsample and #isagenix