Jeannie and Dennis 960After a twenty-year career, Jeannie found great success in network marketing, earning nearly $1 million with her first company. When a colleague from that company moved to Isagenix, she took a look at the opportunity. Read on to find out why Jeannie chose Isagenix for a forever home.

What do you like about Isagenix products?

“The products are absolutely delicious. I love the variety of products and I love that everything is a system. The products are simple to talk about and easy to share. And they have universal mass appeal.  You don’t need a niche market for this product line. There’s something for everybody.”

Why do you like the Isagenix compensation plan?

“The compensation plan is simple and it’s lucrative. I love that. What attracted me was the upfront money for new distributors. It’s very easy to get your investments looked after right away if you want to build a team. “You+Two, Them+2” is brilliant. It is so simple. At Isagenix there is nothing hidden. There’s no hidden agenda.  You can find everything on the corporate site, which I really love.”

What else appealed to you about building a business with Isagenix?

“There is great support here at Isagenix.  Great leaders are attracted to this company – like my sponsor, former NFL star JJ Birden.  Everyone in corporate is knowledgeable and is ready to help us.  The continuing education, whether on product or business building is unsurpassed.  They provide everything you need, whether you’re a new or seasoned business builder.”

“I came to visit the corporate office and I was so impressed. I was in training all day, and meeting Kathy and Jim Coover and hearing the passion in their voices was just unbelievable. It really strengthened the belief in me. This company has a vision and it is everywhere. Everyone is on the same page. I just love it. I have found a home with Isagenix!”

The company’s vision is to impact world health and free people from physical and financial pain.

“These aren’t luxury products. It’s redirected spending at its finest.  And, in fact, my husband and I have reduced our grocery bill by using the Isagenix products. The tools in the Associate Back Office are simple to navigate. You don’t have to hunt for anything. It’s all right there. We’re paid electronically, which is important because my husband and I are snowbirds. With Isagenix, you don’t have to worry about your paycheck being rerouted to find you. Every Monday it’s right in the IsaWallet.”