Three Humble Leaders Emerge Jubilant and Grateful

Spirit of Isagenix is an annual voter’s choice award given to three deserving Associates onstage at Celebration. These Associates are voted on by their peers, because they exemplify the Isagenix mission and culture, mentorship, and spirit. Let’s meet your 2015 Spirit of Isagenix award recipients:

Laura and John S.
Oceanside, California

Laura and John S 2Here’s what the onstage presenter, Senior Vice President and Chief Sales Officer Travis Garza, had to say about them:

“They began their Isagenix journey just under a year and a half ago and in just a short amount of time with Isagenix, these two have had an ENORMOUS impact in people’s lives.

“At Isagenix, we love recognizing outstanding leaders like Laura and John who go above and beyond to provide individual team members with one-on-one motivation, support, and appreciation. That’s what Isagenix is all about. That personal leadership is what keeps the Spirit of Isagenix so strong.”

Here’s what their Isagenix peers had to say about them:

Laura and John S

“I am so thankful she never gave up on us. She wants everyone to succeed!”

“We’re incredibly grateful they came into our lives. It is so inspiring to see our servicemen and women introduced to this vehicle for health and wealth AND succeed with it.”

Allan and Lari H.
Gold Coast, Queensland

Allen and Lari 1Here’s what the onstage presenter, General Manager of Australia Angus Love, had to say about them:

“Allan and Lari have been with Isagenix since January 2014. In a short amount of time, they’ve gone above and beyond to support individual members of their team succeed with our products and wealth creation model.

“They’ve demonstrated exemplary leadership skills by not only focusing on their own personal development…but on the development of each and every one of their team members. They train, coach, inspire, and lead with love and wisdom.”

Here’s what their Isagenix peers had to say about them:Allen and Lari 2

“They always give, give, and give without any expectation of something in return.”

“They keep me motivated and help me in so many ways. I love being part of this amazing journey with them!”

Lori and Chris H.
Santa Monica, California

Chris and Lori 1Here’s what the onstage presenter, Vice President of Corporate Communications and International Marketing Services Kevin Snyder, had to say about them:

“Lori and Chris joined Isagenix in July 2010, and through a unique passion and enthusiasm for inspiring their team members to work harder and achieve big dreams, these two became Isagenix Millionaires in three short years.

“They’re igniting a worldwide desire to change lives and motivating thousands of people to physically and financially break through. This couple embodies the Isagenix mantra of ONE TEAM by constantly inspiring and recognizing the efforts of everyone they meet.”

Here’s what their Isagenix peers had to say about them:Chris and Lori 2

“She gave me permission to live my life the way I want and not be shy about it. She helped me regain my confidence. Because of her, I can serve other women in the same way. She changed my life.”

“His devotion to his friends and family is so beautiful. He’s a good role model for other husbands. He always supports his wife in her career. He is truly selfless in his leadership and leads through the law of abundance.”

Congratulations to our 2015 Spirit of Isagenix winners. Thank you for your passion, mentorship, and unparalleled desire to change lives and build leaders.

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