Our limited-edition Mocha IsaLean® Shake is back for the holidays, and it’s as popular as ever. And for good reason, too. (Wait, the holidays are coming already? Yeah, we know. But, we’ve got your back.)

How to Turn Your Ho-Hum Into a Ho-Ho-Ho!

So, maybe the phrase happy holidays makes you want to lock yourself in your home for the next few months, buried under the blankets, binge-watching Netflix and Hulu until the season is over. Who has the time and energy for all the holiday hoopla anyway? Plus, you just worked so hard to lose all that weight for your summer vacation. You can’t bear to think of all the calories you’d be consuming at all the holiday gatherings you need to attend.

What if we told you that we could help you maintain your weight goals and give you a little boost of caffeine at the same time? You have to leave your house at some point, even if it’s just to go to your Aunt Ethel’s for her annual holiday sock exchange. So, try this pick-me-up!

Benefits of Our Mocha Shake

  • You can use it as a meal replacement.
    • Our seasonal Mocha shake has amazing benefits to keep you fueled for the next few crazy months as you prep for the holidays. Even better? It can be used as a meal replacement to help keep you fueled on an unplanned Shake Day after inhaling your grandma’s homemade fudge. Plus, with all the nutrients packed into our shakes, you will get your much-needed boost to carry you through the holiday season – for shopping and all the other million little things you have to do.
  • You can get just the right amount of caffeine. 
    • One Mocha IsaLean Shake contains approximately the same amount of caffeine as a quarter cup of coffee, which is a double bonus because you’ll also be fueling your body with 24 grams of protein. This shake is a nutritious, balanced meal replacement clinically tested to promote healthy weight loss and lean muscle building. It’s filled with energy-fueling carbohydrates, good fats, and vitamins and minerals. With all this amazing stuff going into your body, you can give the term “shop till you drop” new meaning!

Not Much Into Mocha?

Maybe Mocha’s not your thing, but you still want something nice with a little holiday spice – we’ve got you covered! Try out our Pumpkin Spice IsaLean Shake along with these recipes you’ll be sure to love. We think they’ll leave you feeling warm, cozy, and in the holiday spirit.

Don’t Miss Out – Order Your Mocha Today!

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