This year marked the 10th anniversary of the IsaBody Challenge®. Ten years of incredible transformations and lifestyle changes is not something to be taken lightly. As we celebrate what our IsaBody™ participants have accomplished, here’s a look back on a decade of commitment, hard work, and achievement.


2006: Launch of the IsaBody Challenge

In 2006, the IsaBody Challenge was born. The 16-week contest rewards participants for transforming their bodies, health, and lives. Those who compete in the Challenge are given the opportunity to earn a $200 product voucher and a chance to win their share of over $200,000 in cash, prizes, and life-changing trips.

“The IsaBody Challenge was born out of a desire for Isagenix to further reward our Associates for committing to our solutions,” says Doug Jensen, Vice President of Sales Programs and Strategy. “Isagenix wanted to give Associates a challenge to focus their efforts and reward those who truly embraced the Isagenix lifestyle with nutrition and exercise.”

2007 mark12007: Mark M. named the first IsaBody Challenge Grand Prize Winner

Mark M. weighed 400 pounds and lacked the energy and ability to stay involved with his family. Mark dedicated himself to Isagenix and the IsaBody Challenge and released an impressive 114 pounds.* His hard work and commitment to his health paid off when he was named the very first IsaBody Challenge Grand Prize Winner.

2008: Isagenix launches IsaDelight

In 2008, Isagenix launched IsaDelight®, individually packaged chocolates with green tea extract. IsaBody Challenge participants use these treats to satisfy cravings and indulge on a sweet treat in between meals.

2009: Dr. Ken S. named IsaBody Challenge Grand Prize Winner

Oregon chiropractor Dr. Ken S. dieted and exercised, but he still struggled with his weight and never committed to a lifestyle change. After a friend insisted he give Isagenix a shot, Dr. Ken saw results. He was named 2009 IsaBody Challenge Grand Prize Winner after releasing 101 pounds.*

holly ba shot2010: Holly D. named first female IsaBody Challenge Grand Prize Winner

Businesswoman Holly D. weighed 242 pounds, hid behind her unshapely suits, and felt insecure in her own skin. In 2010, she finally committed to using Isagenix products to improve her health and began working with a personal trainer and running. Holly watched the pounds fall off until she released 52 pounds* and was named the first female IsaBody Challenge Grand Prize Winner at 2010 Celebration.

2011 jill crop2011: First New Year Kick Off, Jill B. named IsaBody Grand Prize Winner

In 2011, Isagenix hosted the first New Year Kick Off, bringing Associates together to celebrate their achievements in 2010 and look forward to what they would accomplish in 2011.

Jill B. was 263 pounds and ready to commit to making a change when she began her journey with Isagenix in 2002. Once she started using the products regularly, watching her diet closely, and becoming active again, she saw the pounds come off. After releasing 131 pounds* in total, Jill became the 2011 IsaBody Challenge Grand Prize Winner!

2012: Craig C. named IsaBody Challenge Grand Prize Winner

Craig had hit 241 pounds and felt embarrassed and ashamed of his weight. He had nearly given up hope when he discovered Isagenix and joined his first IsaBody Challenge in 2009. Craig completed Challenge after Challenge until he had released 126 pounds.* He was named the 2012 IsaBody Challenge Grand Prize Winner.

2013: e+ is launched, Kelly Ann Z. named IsaBody Challenge Grand Prize Winner

launch of eshot - please crop bottom part

In 2013, Isagenix launched the e+™ shot, giving IsaBody Challenge participants a new way to boost their energy for early morning workouts.

Flight attendant Kelly Ann Z. had always jumped from diet to diet but had irregular eating habits and would binge on unhealthy meals in between flights. At 5’5”, she had hit 185 pounds when she finally learned about Isagenix. After completing two back-to-back Challenges and committing to her lifestyle change, Kelly Ann released 61 pounds* and was named the 2013 IsaBody Challenge Grand Prize Winner.

2014: Amyra M. named IsaBody Challenge Grand Prize Winner, IsaBody Finalists reach Isagenix Millionaire status**

Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFL cheerleader and fitness trainer Amyra M. worked out daily but was still gaining weight and lacked energy. After joining Isagenix and the IsaBody Challenge, Amyra released 22 pounds* and was named the 2014 IsaBody Challenge Grand Prize Winner.

Once a struggling restaurateur, Bob S. and his wife searched for a way to transform their lives, both physically and financially. After being named a 2014 Top Achievers IsaBody Challenge Finalist, he dedicated his time and energy to build up his business, and the couple became Isagenix Millionaires** No. 145 in 2015.

Erin P. was named an IsaBody Challenge Finalist at 2014 Celebration, but her success with Isagenix didn’t stop there. The 44-year-old business woman became Isagenix Millionaire No. 165** in November 2015 and is continuing to build her business.

NATALIE2015: AMPED Power is launched, Natalie H. named IsaBody Challenge Grand Prize Winner

In 2015, Isagenix launched AMPED™ Power, a key product IsaBody Challenge participants use to fuel their workouts to achieve the best results possible.

A former competitive athlete, Natalie H. was overweight and uncomfortable in her own skin. She decided to give Isagenix a try to help reach her goal of becoming the best version of herself. Her hard work and commitment to her goal paid off as she released 46 pounds* total and was named the 2015 IsaBody Challenge Grand Prize Winner.

IsaBody Escape, Costa Rica2016: IsaBody Challenge 10-Year Celebration, First IsaBody Escape, Costa Rica

To celebrate 10 years of inspirational transformations, we brought you a year full of festivities, exclusive promotions, and surprises!

This year, Isagenix hosted the amazing inaugural IsaBody Escape, Costa Rica. This weeklong, all-inclusive vacation was reserved exclusively for the 15 incredible IsaBody Finalists, four random drawing winners, and their guests.

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*Results not typical. Weight loss, muscle gain, lifestyle, and other results depicted here reflect exceptional individual experiences of Isagenix Customers and should not be construed as typical or average. Results vary with individual effort, body composition, eating patterns, time, exercise, and other factors, such as genetic and physiological makeup.

**An Isagenix Millionaire is an Independent Associate to whom Isagenix has paid a gross total of $1 million or more since joining Isagenix. Earnings reflect gross amounts that do not include any business expenses. For average earnings of Independent Associates, please refer to the Isagenix Earnings Disclosure Statement at