HolidayBonuAttention Isagenix business builders, the first quarter of our 2015 Holiday Bonus Pool is closing February 22! For each quarter you earn shares, you’ll be paid twice: 50 percent of your shares will be paid at the end of the quarter* and 50 percent at the end of the promotion, by mid-December. That means you could get up to four Holiday Bonus payouts throughout the year.

The number of shares you earn each quarter will be displayed in your Associate Back Office in the left-hand column. When a quarter closes, we’ll display the value of those shares.

Don’t forget that to qualify for each quarter of the Holiday Bonus Pool, you need to help three new people get started with Isagenix each quarter with qualifying orders. So you still have a few days to make sure you have at least three new members for the quarter.

Everything you need to know about the Holiday Bonus Pool is in that same column of your ABO: “Active Until,” “Active Rank,” and “Enrollments This Quarter” (customized to qualifying enrollments for Holiday Bonus Pool, not total enrollments).

Learn more about how to earn a holiday bonus with Isagenix, so you can earn your share of our $4 million bonus pool!

*If the Associate does not achieve $50 or more in their Holiday Bonus Pool payout they will receive their payout in the following quarter. See Holiday Bonus Pool flyer for full promotion details.