Every athlete needs the right fuel for top performance. Professional athletes who choose to take any nutritional supplements are often only allowed NSF-Certified products.

Products that are approved by NSF International, an independent product testing organization that develops public health standards, are tested to ensure they are free of unsafe and banned substances.

Personal Experience

As a former Major League Baseball player and current coach, Jeff Fassero understands the importance of good-tasting, high-quality products that are NSF Certified.

Jeff’s professional athletic experience makes him exceptionally knowledgeable on the matter. He began his professional baseball career as a pitcher for the Montreal Expos in 1991, where his impressive game statistics led him to the starting rotation within two seasons.

Jeff played a successful 16 seasons in the MLB. Upon retirement in 2007, the former player worked his way back into the major leagues and is now a pitching coach for the Cincinnati Reds.

WeightsIsagenix for Athletes

Developed with high-quality whey protein, the Natural Vanilla IsaLean® Pro shake has now been third-party tested to follow NSF regulations.

“I’m glad Isagenix has an NSF-Certified shake,” says Jeff.

As a coach and former professional athlete, Jeff hopes the players will use the NSF IsaLean Pro.

“I think if it’s NSF Certified and it’s put out there right, the players will use it,” says Jeff.

Working OutThe Best Ingredients

Now with the proper NSF approval, the same great IsaLean Pro shakes are perfect for professional and elite athletes. For everyone else, the regular IsaLean Pro has all of the same benefits.

NSF IsaLean Pro is held to the same no-compromise standards as all Isagenix products. It is formulated with the ideal balance of undenatured protein, good fats, and energy-boosting carbohydrates. As a result, it provides a great meal replacement or post-workout boost for athletes.

Since most athletes already focus on staying fit, losing weight is not necessarily a priority. Instead, they often focus on gaining the proper amount of muscle to suit the physical demands of the sport.

IsaLean Pro is a great way to supplement an athlete’s nutrition and exercise regimen to help build the proper physique. With the purpose of building lean muscle, it is ideal for athletes in a variety of sports.

“My weight hasn’t fluctuated much since starting the product,” shares Jeff. “But I’ve leaned out, which was my goal. And if I’m doing it right, I feel good all the time.”

The shakes are also satisfying, helping to eliminate hunger and curb cravings.

“It helps me cut out snacking the wrong way,” tells Jeff. “I’m a big snackaholic. For me, snacking poorly is what puts weight on.”

For Jeff, the IsaLean Pro is an essential component of his nutrition plan. Now with the NSF’s stamp of approval, it can be used to benefit other elite athletes as well.