Prime Time Member Focuses on Inspiring Women and Growing Her Business



Ease and convenience are what first attracted Carol Lamperti to Isagenix. As the sole owner of a small consignment boutique for women in New Jersey, she used IsaLean® Shake and IsaLean Bars as an easy way to get quality nutrition while she worked all day.

A few years after Carol began using the products, her entrepreneurial spirit nudged her to look into the Isagenix business opportunity.

“The more I visited the website and my Back Office, read articles, and listened to the videos and webinars, I became intrigued with how to get the most out of the products,” she says.

It was after attending her first Isagenix University (IsaU) in the spring of 2016 that really fueled Carol’s desire to learn more about the products and how to share Isagenix with others. Instead of seeing her business-owner responsibilities as an obstacle, Carol started to look for ways to share the products with the regular customers at her store.  Carol’s desire to help others feel good about themselves and her passion for Isagenix helped her make connections and create a great team.

Carol’s “why” for getting started with Isagenix was to maintain her health and weight. As a young woman, she was a bit overweight, and after losing weight in her twenties, she became very conscious of what she now puts into her body. Learning about Isagenix and the no-compromise products was a great way for Carol to feel good about what she was eating while maintaining the lifestyle she had already developed.

Embracing the Lifestyle

Part of the Isagenix lifestyle for Carol is being involved in the Prime Time movement, which was launched during the summer of 2016. Prime Time’s vision is to connect and inspire people who want to embrace life at any age. As a small business owner and an Isagenix Associate, those two roles often go hand in hand. Carol’s natural confidence and passion for business gives her the avenue to network and speak openly with customers.


“Being a small business owner has helped me be able to freely and authentically talk to people,” she explains. “It’s very one-on-one.”

Carol was attracted to the Prime Time movement after she heard about it at an IsaU event, around the time she was starting to build her Isagenix business. She met Patty Raphael, founder of Prime Time and Isagenix Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing Operations, at the Prime Time booth. After speaking with Patty, Carol gained some insight on Prime Time and its upcoming launch.

“I thought, ‘This is so perfect because this is my customer base. The women who shop in my store are anywhere from their early 40s and older,’” Carol says. “Prime Time was the little niche for me; it is a great outlet to meet people and grow.”

Paying It Forward

Carol is especially passionate about inspiring women and helping them feel good about themselves. Through her store, Prime Time, and her Isagenix business, Carol has been able to help many women – a practice that has always come very naturally to her.img_6282

“To continue to inspire women is a huge thing for me because there have been some women in my life who inspired me, and I just want to pay it forward,” she says.

Carol already has big plans for 2017. She hopes to take her business to the next level, grow more as a person, and continue to take advantage of tools and programs such as Healthy Mind and Body and Prime Time. She says that her involvement with Isagenix and Prime Time has helped her become a different person.

“I love seeing what people my age are doing with their minds and their bodies,” she says. “It’s amazing, and it just makes me feel so happy to be a part of this.”

For more information about Prime Time, visit, and check out the Prime Time blog.

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