Learn more about the FiberSnacks! and IsaLean Bar Price Adjustment in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico.


At Isagenix, it is our goal to bring you the highest-quality products at the best possible price. We are committed to maintaining the quality of ingredients used in our products even as costs increase over time.  And, we are proud to have been able to offset well publicized commodity cost increases through effective purchasing strategies and manufacturing efficiencies.

In fact, Isagenix has not increased the price of our bar line in the past six years despite protein and other ingredient costs more than doubling during that time.  Unlike many other companies, instead of reducing costs by reducing quality, we will be making the following price and business volume (BV) adjustments effective on orders placed on or after July 21, 2014:

IsaLean® Bars will increase from $26 to $29.95 per box and BV will increase from 18 to 20.
FiberSnacks!™ will increase from $21 to $23.95 per box and BV will increase from 14 to 16.

The price increase for the IsaLean Bars will also impact a few of our paks that contain them. However, our most popular “Getting Started” Systems like the 30-Day Cleansing and Fat Burning System and our President’s Paks and Business Builder Pak will remain the same Rewards Price at $269, $559 and $1099 respectively.

Pak Adjustments: 

Athlete’s Pak will increase $4 from $189 to $193 and BV will increase from 128 to 130
Shake and Shot Pak will increase $4 from $192 to $196 and BV will increase from 131 to 133
Sports Performance Pak will increase $7 from $171 to $178 and BV will increase from 112 to 116
Kosher Products Pak  will increase $4 from $284 to $288 and BV will increase from 195 to 197

The Pacesetter Pak and Weight Loss President’s Pak will be adjusted to remove the four Want More Energy? sticks with no changes to price or BV.

This modest increase keeps the IsaLean Bar competitively priced at $0.17 per gram of protein, making it a superior choice for a tasty, nutrient-rich, and convenient meal replacement. All IsaLean Bars offer a convenient alternative to our IsaLean Shakes while delivering 18 grams of high-quality protein, balanced amounts of healthy fats, and energy-fueling carbs for an ideal, great tasting meal replacement. To learn more about the IsaLean Bar and its benefits, read this article.

FiberSnacks! will continue to be competitively priced at $2.00 each for a convenient 150-calorie snack that features whey and milk protein and 24 percent of the daily recommended value of fiber.

Remember that orders placed before July 21 will be charged at our current prices.  Many of our IsaLean Bar flavors, including Chocolate Decadence, Lemon Passion Crunch and Natural Oatmeal Raisin, along with FiberSnacks!, are heat resistant and are perfect for the summer – so stock up now!

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Customer Care at Support@IsagenixCorp.com or 1-877-877-8111.