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Celebration attendees used the new 90-Day Game Plan workbook to interact with others and to take notes during breakout sessions. Even if you did not get the opportunity to join us at Celebration in Las Vegas, you still have the opportunity to utilize this amazing tool!


This 90-Day Game Plan training is unlike any other. You will be equipped with the best Isagenix business-building tools, guided with best practices for success, and given a weekly plan of action. This 90-Day Game Plan is designed to help you get “Your Vision in Action!”

Get on Board!

  • Opt In to the 90-Day Game Plan Training. To participate in the 90-Day Game Plan training that begins August 22, 2016, simply log in to your Back Office, hover over “Training Center,” and click the 90-Day Game Plan icon to opt in. By doing so, you’ll receive an email and IsaPulse™ reminder every Monday morning through November 20, 2016 to help keep you on track with completing your weekly activities.
  • Experience the 2016 Celebration Training. If you attended 2016 “One Team” Celebration in Las Vegas, you automatically have access to the Celebration On Demand service at IsagenixLive.com. If you weren’t able to join us, you may purchase 2016 Celebration On Demand* for US$99, which will grant you access to all the 2016 Celebration 90-Day Game Plan training and so much more.
  • Complete Your 90-Day Game Plan Workbook. Download a free copy of the 90-Day Game Plan workbook at IsagenixBusiness.com, or purchase a hard copy for you and your team at IsaSalesTools.com.
  • Accept the Million Dollar ChallengeMaximize all your hard work by earning points for the business-building activities you’ll be achieving through this 90-Day Game Plan. Through the Million Dollar Challenge, you could earn monthly prizes and bonuses for sharing Isagenix. Visit the “Contest and Promotions” tab in your Back Office for more details.
  • Link Arms. Join the official Isagenix Business Facebook group as a resource to ask questions, build relationships, and learn from fellow business builders.

Now is the time to get your business booming. Opt in to the 90-Day Game Plan training, and take your business to the next level.

*Available in English only.