Reminder for all business builders! The last day you and your team members can promote from Associate or Consultant to Crystal Manager and earn a $250 bonus with the Crystal Reset promotion is Sunday, February 15!

From today, that’s seven full days of appointment setting and finding new members to joint the Isagenix family. Use the “You + Two, Them + 2” formula to grow your team and throw your business into overdrive.

Going until July 15, the Crystal Reset promotion is designed to give you and your team a second chance at achieving the prestigious rank of Crystal (if you have not already done so) and earn up to $2,000 extra in bonuses.

Keep in mind, every dollar you earn from this promotion also gets applied to your Billion & Beyond: Together We Will Challenge target, posted in your Back Office. The reward is a lavish trip to the French Riviera if you achieve your personal target and help Isagenix reach $1 billion and beyond!

Your Next Crystal Reset Deadline

Once you’ve achieved Crystal Manager, it’s time to focus on becoming Crystal Director. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Follow the same “YOU + TWO, THEM + 2” system for success. The deadline to promote to Crystal Director and earn a $750 bonus is Thursday, April 16. But, don’t stop there, once you achieve Crystal Director, go for Crystal Executive and earn a $1,000 bonus by Wednesday, July 15.

Your Pathway to Crystal Executive

Crystal Reset ChartThe reset will end at 11:59 p.m. EST on July 15, 2015. Must be an Active Autoship Associate to earn all Rank Advancement bonuses. Associates who have achieved Crystal Executive, Executive, or higher are not eligible for the Crystal Reset promotion.

Stay tuned to for more on the Crystal Reset promotion.