In August, we joined thousands of Associates to Toast the Roast as we launched new Isagenix Coffee at Celebration 2015. If you were one of the many who enjoyed viewing our Breakthrough event via Isagenix Live, you may remember our very own Jacki Palmer, Director of Sales and Marketing Programs, sharing some delicious ways to enjoy our new blends. With all of these great recipes, we have something for every coffee drinker.

For the Avid Coffee Drinker: Iced Coffee
More than half of U.S. citizens drink at least one cup of coffee per day, and chances are they aren’t stopping during the warmer months. Like all coffees, Isagenix Coffee is perfect all year round and makes a delicious afternoon beverage. Mixing your coffee with milk and ice is a great way to get your caffeine fix in the warmer months.

For the Frozen Coffee Drinker: Jamocha Shake
Cut out the added sugars and a trip to the coffee shop and swap your usual frozen coffee drink for a Jamocha Shake. Blend Isagenix Coffee with ice and one scoop of IsaLean® Shake in Creamy Dutch Chocolate for a guilt-free, frozen treat you can make at home.

For the Weak and the Strong Coffee Drinker: Milk and Coffee
Not all coffee lovers enjoy their morning blend with the same coffee-to-water ratio. Some like more water for a weaker cup, while others prefer a stronger brew. How can these two coffee drinkers both enjoy a cup made from the same pot? Simply freeze coffee ice cubes and add to milk. The number of ice cubes you add determines the strength of your coffee! Everyone can personalize their own.

For the Social Coffee Drinker: Orange-Cinnamon Coffee
For those who love having friends or family over for a cup of coffee, this tasty twist on the original cup is perfect for hosting. Adding a sprinkle of Juicy Orange Replenish™ and a dash of cinnamon right to the grinds is an easy way to make a large pot of flavored coffee that will leave your house smelling divine.

For the Traditional Coffee Drinker: Hot Coffee with Protein-Packed Creamer
These coffee lovers enjoy their cup of joe minus the unhealthy, fattening creamers. To make this morning drink even better for you, replace the usual add-ins with a protein-packed creamer, aka your favorite IsaLean Shake.

Tell us how you like your coffee! Simply email to share your recipe and photos. Or share your recipes with your friends and family at your next Launch Party by attaching a recipe card to one of our new, easy-to-share Isagenix Coffee Packs!