Last week, we announced our five amazing IsaBody Challenge® Finalists. Their transformations were mind-blowing and their stories powerful.

This week, we are excited to recognize 10 more incredible individuals for their hard work, dedication, and moving stories. Congratulations to our 2016 New Year Kick Off IsaBody Challenge Honorable Mentions!

These honorees worked hard during their Challenge(s) to get in the best shape of their lives, and along with a healthier mind and body, have earned $1,000 cash and tickets to Isagenix events!

Here are our Honorable Mentions!


Normal, Illinois
Age: 37
Height: 5’10”
Lost: 52 Pounds*
Number of Challenges: 1



Zionsville, Indiana
Age: 50
Height: 5’10”
Lost: 26 Pounds*
Number of Challenges: 1



Boscawen, New Hampshire
Age: 41
Height: 6’2”
Lost: 100 Pounds*
Number of Challenges: 2



Grafton, Wisconsin
Age: 39
Height: 6’1”
Lost: 31 Pounds*
Number of Challenges: 1



Chandler, Arizona
Age: 39
Height: 5’2”
Lost: 16 Pounds*
Number of Challenges: 1



Scottsdale, Arizona
Age: 34
Height: 5’5”
Lost: 13 Pounds*
Number of Challenges: 1



Glendale, Arizona
Age: 44
Height: 5’6”
Lost: 21 Pounds*
Number of Challenges: 4



Taylorsville, Utah
Age: 33
Height: 5’5”
Lost: 21 Pounds*
Number of Challenges: 1



St. John’s, Newfoundland
Age: 27
Height: 5’11”
Lost: 40 Pounds During the Challenge, 251 Pounds Total With Isagenix*
Number of Challenges: 1



Toronto, Ontario
Age: 39
Height: 5’5”
Lost: 101 Pounds*
Number of Challenges: 2

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*Weight loss should not be considered typical. In a study performed in 2012 by University of Illinois at Chicago researchers, subjects lost an average of 9 pounds with an average of 2 pounds of the loss from visceral fat after 30 days on an Isagenix System. The subjects also had a greater level of adherence and had more consistent weight loss from week to week compared to subjects on a traditional diet.