Where Are They Now? How the IsaBody Challenge Became a Lifelong Journey for These 10 Finalists


whereAreTheyNow-IsaFYI-1200x630 Since its beginning nearly 10 years ago, thousands of people have transformed their lives by committing to the IsaBody Challenge®. Let’s take a look at where 10 of them are today.

Each of these past 10 Finalists represent the culture of IsaBody™ and have become ambassadors for the program. Now they have turned a 16-week journey into a lifelong approach to health and wellness.

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2007 IsaBody Finalists Jeff & Alissa B. rope

Before entering the IsaBody Challenge, Jeff and Alissa found themselves on a rollercoaster of progress, struggling with consistency when it came to the right diet and exercise. The couple utilized the Challenge as a “stepping stone for greater results and new experiences as a couple,” including competing in several figure competitions. Thanks to their Isagenix business, the parents of two enjoy working from home and have been able to build their dream training studio.**

“We are by far in our best shape ever in our 40s and amazed by how much our bodies still keep improving! We believe success is not what we have achieved individually, but what we inspire in each other to achieve and strive to inspire in others.”

2009 IsaBody Finalist Mike H. M

In 2009, 50-year-old Mike decided to join the IsaBody Challenge in an effort to really make his health a priority. Mike’s IsaBody journey not only changed his own path; it also impacted many others, including three other IsaBody Finalists, most recently 2015 Finalist John M. He values inspiring and coaching others with his results and is always focused on finding committed people to join his team.

“I really believe in Isagenix and its leadership, and [my wife and I] have all the intentions of growing with the company. We are always looking for the right kind of people, and are trying to build Isagenix families.”

2010 IsaBody Grand Prize Winner Holly D. 21-Isabody-2588

Despite being with Isagenix for years, Holly found her weight peaking at 242 pounds. She committed to the IsaBody Challenge and hired a professional trainer to hold her accountable. Her hard work paid off, as the now Isagenix Millionaire** shed 52 pounds* during the Challenge, and a total of 90 pounds* with Isagenix. Since then, Holly has competed in a bikini competition, has become an avid runner, and even trains at Isagenix events.

“My world has literally changed. Everything that has happened has given me the confidence to do what I want and make it happen.”

2011 IsaBody Finalist Lisa W.

lisa 1 yr IMG_0660A year after giving birth to her fourth child, Lisa’s life spiraled out of her control. She was unhappy with her appearance, unable to lose the extra baby weight, and beyond exhausted, so she joined the IsaBody Challenge. Today, Lisa is a youthful, energetic mother whose nutrition and fitness endeavors have propelled her into the world of professional fitness competition.

“I was driven by my own ‘Why.’ If you don’t know why you’re wanting to shed excess pounds or why you’re wanting to transform your body, then you’ll have a really hard time sticking to what it is you set out to do.”

2011 IsaBody Grand Prize Winner Jill B.

Jill Birth After 1After being turned down in an attempt to join the Biggest Loser®, Jill committed to Isagenix and the IsaBody Challenge. She completely changed her nutrition habits and began exercising, and ultimately developed healthy lifestyle choices that she continues today. The now 3-Star Golden Circle, 1-Star Crystal Executive** has even become a member of the 100-Pound Club with Isagenix,* and has developed a new passion for being active, especially with her children.

“I’m never going to sit on the sidelines ever again. I’m going to live my life to the fullest.”

2012 IsaBody Finalist Leanne K. surf board

After facing an incredibly difficult time in her life, Leanne knew it was time to find herself and her purpose. The former competitive swimmer joined the IsaBody Challenge to get back the positive feeling of being healthy and fit. Today Leanne surrounds herself with amazing people in all aspects of her life, including her Isagenix team. She is now a 3-Star Golden Circle, Crystal Executive.**

“The IsaBody Challenge was a HUGE game changer for me. To achieve what I knew I was capable of, and to now be able to empower others to realize what they are capable of, has been my greatest achievement to date!”

2012 IsaBody Finalist Elizabeth M.

11999010_1149882728372839_2927939543486892497_nElizabeth began Isagenix with a dedicated mindset, ready to get the nutritional support she needed to feel stronger, lose weight, and increase her energy. This dedicated mother reached her goal of being 40 and fabulous. And she says Isagenix has become “part of our family,” especially when her family has been supported by and is continually involved with Make-A-Wish®, one of the charities Isagenix is proud to support. Her husband won Honorable Mention in his own Challenge and the 1-Star Crystal Director** has built her business with her love for the products.

“I share Isagenix all the time, wherever life takes me, and I always encourage new team members to join the IsaBody Challenge to help them achieve their personal goals.”

2013 IsaBody Finalist Aaron H.

AaronHairston-146This former Minor League Football Hall of Famer had retired from athletics and soon reached a point where it became difficult to stay in shape. Aaron joined the IsaBody Challenge, gained stunning results, and found a new hobby as a fitness competitor. Not only is Aaron now one of the most notable Team Isagenix athletes, he has created a “new and improved world” for his family and is able to be a more present husband and father.

“One of the most valuable things for me is helping people to understand what is important in their lives. I want to motivate and support them through their transformation, whether physically or financially.”

2014 IsaBody Finalist Ben M. McKensie 21418

Despite holding a master’s degree in health and human performance, Ben struggled with his own well-being and weight. As a wrestling coach, he felt like a hypocrite. When Ben began to see a decline in his health, he decided “it was now or never.” Participating in the IsaBody Challenge gave him a whole new passion for nutrition and fitness, and his impressive results continue to tell his story. The now 100-Pound Club member* enjoys spending time with his family and dabbling in yoga.

“My diet has never been this energy-packed. I can’t wait to work out, and Isagenix is always there for me.”

2014 IsaBody Finalist Elizabeth B.

12189404_10104732465083843_3968416584255122838_oAs a paramedic, Elizabeth knows the importance of good health. When Elizabeth joined the IsaBody Challenge, she was looking to lose the remaining baby weight that her miles of running just couldn’t shed. Today the now mother of two is feeling fabulous, and even completed her first triathlon only seven months after giving birth to her daughter. She was able to use Isagenix to support her after her second pregnancy and is thrilled to get paid while staying home with her children.

“A big part of my story now is about teaching people that it’s about more than weight loss. It’s about showing others how you can feel great and be in a better financial situation. We all have areas that we struggle in, so it’s about finding how Isagenix can work for you.”

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*Weight loss should not be considered typical. In a study performed in 2012 by University of Illinois at Chicago researchers, subjects lost an average of 9 pounds with an average of 2 pounds of the loss from visceral fat after 30 days on an Isagenix System. The subjects also had a greater level of adherence and had more consistent weight loss from week to week compared to subjects on a traditional diet.

**Earning levels for Isagenix Independent Associates that appear in this publication are examples and should not be construed as typical or average. Income level achievements are dependent upon the individual Associate’s business skills, personal ambition, time, commitment, activity, and demographic factors. For average earnings, see the Isagenix Independent Associate Earnings Statement found at IsagenixEarnings.com. Isagenix Millionaires are defined as Isagenix Associates who have cumulatively earned $1 million or more with Isagenix.

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