meagan-success-IsaFYI-1200x1200At twenty-eight years old, this Isagenix START member is rapidly growing her Isagenix business, while juggling a full-time job in counterterrorism and working with the Special Olympics. Indeed, Meaghan does it all.


Meaghan’s Special Olympics group, “Team Joy,” celebrates their third straight gold medal at the Maryland State Special Olympics Cheerleading Competition. Meaghan shares, “This was one of the proudest moments of my life to date!”

The former NFL Baltimore Ravens cheerleader now spends her days working and coaching her adored Special Olympics group, “Team Joy.” Her passion to tackle childhood obesity and help those with disabilities has become a big part of her purpose in life.

Meaghan makes daily efforts to improve her own life and the lives of others.

“My motto is ‘small modifications over a consistent period of time create our outcomes and goals,’” she says.

Consistency is Key

In early 2014, Meaghan’s friend told her about Isagenix, hoping she’d look into the company. With a packed schedule and little free time, Meaghan politely declined.

484322_10151792420430584_474245728_nOver time, Meaghan decided she wanted to lose a few pounds and be healthier overall. In fall of 2014, she agreed to try Isagenix. Within a few short weeks, she was back down to her “Ravens weight” and feeling better than ever.

“This is no quick fix drug or miracle treatment,” she explains. “You aren’t going to wake up tomorrow feeling 10 pounds lighter. This is a consistent, nutritional program that teaches you how to eat healthy.”

Her excitement for her new nutrition regimen with Isagenix pushed her to dig a little deeper and learn everything she could about the company. While she loves her job and volunteer work, and continues to take part in each of them, the idea of a career with no salary cap was appealing to her.

“I started watching the compensation plan video over and over and educating myself on each individual product,” Meaghan recalls.

Soon, Meaghan hit Crystal Manager and knew she didn’t want to stop. Today, she has grown her Isagenix team immensely and is now a 2-Star Golden Circle, Crystal Executive. At this level, she is able to save for her future and her dream wedding with her fiancé, Wally.

Getting It Done

425241_10153387596820584_321816385_nOne of Meaghan’s biggest strategies is to keep striving toward her next goal. Right now she is shooting to hit over $500,000 in average annual income by the time she is 30 and visit the French Riviera with the Billion & Beyond: Together We Will Challenge.

“I don’t make any excuses,” Meaghan says. “I get it done.”

Meaghan’s life experiences, including her numerous contacts and friends, have given her great opportunities to share Isagenix. Yet, she says a large amount of her team members were those she approached during day-to-day activities, such as shopping or grabbing a coffee. She recommends both networking with people you know as well as reaching out to complete strangers.

1504984_10155171009010584_5137341573288920605_n“Branch out and meet people everywhere you go,” she says. “You don’t know who you’re going to meet tomorrow or how they’ll affect your life.”

Meaghan surrounds herself with uplifting, positive people in all aspects of her life. She truly believes in the Isagenix ideal of transforming lives.

“To see people’s lives change in front of you and know that you had an impact is an indescribable feeling,” she says.

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