Healthy Mind and Body -to-Support- New Year's Resolutions 700x112Is This a New Year for a New You?

New Year’s resolutions are supposed to be about personal development, but by February, many of us have cut corners or had a few slip-ups that end up leave us feeling guilty and defeated. If you can relate, you’re not alone. Studies show that 25 percent of people have already chucked big New Year’s goals and reverted back to old habits as early as January 7. How is it that 67 percent of those with a gym membership never use it? Not even once!

So, What’s the Problem?

You’ve set your sights on what you want to change or achieve, but it’s up to you to decide how far you are willing to go. When it comes down to it, New Year’s resolutions are all about self-control and willpower.

Perhaps you’ve resolved to lose 10 pounds, pay off debt, actually use the gym membership you bought on January 1, or commit to showing gratitude in your daily life. Whatever your resolution, do you have the self-control and the willpower to keep it? Absolutely! But, we could all use a little help.

Strategies for Success

Healthy Mind and Body is an accountability system, custom designed for Isagenix Associates, to help you accomplish your goals. It is quickly proving to be particularly helpful around the new year. So, exactly how does this program help set you up for a successful new year? Let us help you count the ways!

1.    Self-Control & Willpower Accountability 

One of the biggest hurdles in sticking to a New Year’s resolution is having the willpower to achieve your goals while keeping them at the top of your mind. By simply logging in and completing short assignments every day for 60 days, you can begin to train your mind in developing and maintaining positive habits and thoughts. Through this series of exercises, you are able to stay focused on your goals and can begin to break through negative habits and behaviors, empowering you to begin transforming your life!

2.    Convenient

“This program takes very little time out of each day and is easily doable…even for those of us with many priorities. If you are on the fence, jump in!” says Isagenix Associate Lindsay S. This program takes just 10-15 minutes of daily, consistent action spanning 60 days. As you continue to challenge old thoughts and behaviors through small, daily actions, you develop the mental training to overcome internal barriers to fill the gaps between current habits and desired results.

3.    Daily Support

Studies show that it takes 21 to 65 days to break or build a habit. Just because the ball dropped on New Year’s Eve doesn’t mean you’re automatically equipped to grapple your resolutions into submission. Personal development takes time, and Healthy Mind and Body is the perfect support companion to encourage you as the days tick by on your way to your ideal weight, new job, or any other goal you’ve set for yourself.

It’s Not Too Late!WHAT_DRIVES_US--HEALTH--New_Year-New_Uou-IsaFYI-600x400

Healthy Mind and Body is available in your Back Office under the “Resources” tab for less than a dollar a day.

So, even if you’ve skipped a few workouts, indulged in a forbidden cheeseburger or two, or even thrown your entire resolution to the wind, it’s not too late! Get back on track today and sign up for Healthy Mind and Body today.

As if you didn’t need another reason to get started today, when you successfully complete the program, you’ll automatically receive a $45* product coupon in your Back Office—meaning Healthy Mind and Body is essentially free!

Get the support you need with Healthy Mind and Body to make your New Year’s resolution a successful one.


*100 percent completion is determined by all activities being completed within 90 days of starting. Upon completion, your US$45/CA$45 Isagenix product coupon will be available in your Back Office.