Solutions to Transform Lives(Spanish)COVERDid you know that the U.S. Hispanic market is the largest Latin American economy in the world? In fact, by 2025 the Hispanic population will account for 20.4 percent of the U.S. population.

According to a recent Forbes article, the economic recovery is spearheaded by Hispanic business owners whose businesses are growing at twice the national average. With support from immediate and extended families, which may extend beyond U.S. borders, building a global Isagenix business is an attractive option.

Our Spanish-language tools are customized to reflect copy and imagery that will resonate with the Hispanic culture, rather than simply translating English materials  to Spanish.

Get a sneak peek and learn more about the latest Hispanic sales tools for North America at

SST for NA

Find a bevy of customized and subtitled videos at IsaMovie that you can share online including the “Are Your Toxic? – ¿Tiene toxinas?” video.

Looking for quick links to important Isagenix documents for the Hispanic market? You can now access a comprehensive guide that links to Hispanic welcome kits, compensation plans, system guides and price lists.

Finally, receive a total recap of all the exciting memories and announcements from this year’s 2014 Celebration held at Blitz events travelling across the nation. Five Spanish-speaking Blitz events will be held this fall. Access the English and Spanish flyers here.

2014 Celebration Blitz Flyer Spanish cities Espanol