You Share, They Share, Repeat™

Kathy Coover, Isagenix owner and executive vice president, is known throughout the industry for creating the most sought-after tools to help grow a business, and she has just unveiled a new one to add to your toolbox: Fast-Track to Executive webinar.

Watch it now:

This new webinar is designed for business entrepreneurs who are familiar with the network marketing industry and are looking to hit the ground running on establishing a fast-growing business. Throughout the 14-minute webinar, Kathy shares how you can welcome new Customers to Isagenix and grow your business financially by utilizing the Isagenix Team Compensation Plan plus promotions to earn additional bonuses.

“Our Compensation Plan is one of the best in the business because it’s based on the repeat sales of our phenomenal products. The key to unlocking the Compensation Plan is showing your people how to create Consultants, advance to Manager, reach for Director, and then push to Executive,” said Kathy.

Available at FastTrackToExecutive.com and in the “Training” section at IsagenixBusiness.com, the webinar also includes powerful testimonials from current business builders who have recently worked with Kathy to fast-track their businesses by using this very system.