We knowingly spilled the beans earlier this spring, but Isagenix Coffee is finally here. We
are ecstatic to announce the launch of this highly anticipated new product. Now you can enjoy Premium or USDA-Certified Organic Isagenix Coffee, hot or iced. It’s the product we know you’ve all been waiting for.

Available in 12-ounce bags, Isagenix Coffee is a medium roast made from a fairly traded blend of 100 percent arabica beans grown at high altitudes.

Our beans are selected by a licensed coffee grader, slow roasted in small batches, and expertly blended by a certified roast master using cool grind technology. This unique process prevents over-roasting and ensures the perfect medium-roast blend.

Survey Says…

In a blind taste test conducted by an independent third party, both Isagenix Coffees were rated significantly higher than several leading premium coffee brands. Isagenix Coffee, in both Premium and USDA-Certified Organic blends, has a rich and smooth taste, and is deeply aromatic and perfectly roasted—giving you a wonderful experience with every cup.

But, Isagenix doesn’t stop there. Each bag of Isagenix Coffee is also infused with green tea extract, trace minerals (to help offset the acidity), and coconut oil.

“Isagenix Coffee is an exceptional and distinctively delicious product that is manufactured using sophisticated environmental controls, not over-roasted, to retain the coffee’s protective properties and distinguished flavor,” said Isagenix Chief Science Officer Suk Cho, Ph.D. “This addition to the Isagenix family represents a new solution for consumers looking for a wholesome coffee option to provide a satisfying energy boost to brain and body.”

Grounded in Science

Dr. Arab 2

“We know there’s been a lot of confusion surrounding coffee, including what kind of benefits it has and how it fits into an Isagenix System and a healthy lifestyle,” says Dr. Cho.

To dispel some of the many myths surrounding the consumption of coffee, Lenore Arab, Ph.D., a world renowned scientist and expert on nutritional epidemiology, spoke at 2015 “Breakthrough” Celebration.

“Early research looking at coffee was good, but it had a lot of confounding variables that muddied our understanding of it,” shares Arab. “New nutritional epidemiology proves otherwise.”

In fact, thanks to in-depth scientific research, we now know that coffee is associated with a broader range of positive health outcomes.

Coffee is even said to encourage people to exercise (making them more likely to exercise), improve exercise performance, both through power and endurance, and even add to the enjoyment of exercise.

Even more exciting, Isagenix Coffee is approved for Cleanse Days—keep in mind, that’s coffee without sugar or cream.

“I love it. I am a regular coffee consumer,” shares Dr. Cho. “Coffee powers me through my early morning spin classes, and it keeps my mind awake and alert for meetings throughout the day.”

How to Purchase Isagenix Coffee

Coffee imges

Add Isagenix 12-ounce Premium (US$12.95/9 BV) and/or USDA-Certified Organic (US$14.95/9 BV) Coffee to your next Autoship order by visiting your Back Office.

To learn more about Isagenix Coffee, visit Isagenix.com, contact an Isagenix Associate, or contact our Customer Care team at 1-877-877-8111, and they’ll be perked to help you!

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