It took some time for Elizabeth to commit to an Isagenix System, but feeling overweight,Elizabeth L and Family sluggish, and financially overwhelmed, she turned to an old high school friend for help.

“I had never heard of ‘nutritional cleansing,’” she says, “but my friend’s results with Isagenix were amazing. I knew I had nothing else to lose but the weight and simply said to myself, ‘why not?’”

Elizabeth jumped right into the 30-Day System. She remembers thinking, “I’m a chocoholic. I love chocolate. So, taking on a nutritional program where I get to drink chocolate shakes every day is a no-brainer.”

Her husband and two kids witnessed her commitment every single day and were blown away by her physical transformation. “My family is my biggest motivator, and I work hard each day to make them proud,” she says.

Soon after her incredible results, Elizabeth’s friend encouraged her to start sharing her results with others by taking a look at the business side of Isagenix. Elizabeth was skeptical.

A Life-Changing Opportunity

Elizabeth L and SonsEight months after her physical transformation, she was still turning down the Isagenix income opportunity.

“I didn’t even look at the compensation plan. I just assumed it wasn’t for me,” she recalls. “My stubbornness to try something new almost cost me a life-changing opportunity.”

However, Elizabeth and her husband were struggling financially. Although she worked a fulfilling job at a prestigious hospital, her hours were long and intense, with very little pay to justify the workload.

“We had a ton of debt and could only make minimum payments. The bills were piling up, and we didn’t feel we were providing our boys with a solid education.”

Elizabeth recalled her physical transformation and thought, “That’s what I have to do—I have to help people achieve the results I achieved.”

She jumped into the business headfirst and quickly picked up steam. “I was meeting new people, changing lives, and it was an amazing feeling,” she recalls.

After months of hard work of sharing the Isagenix product solutions and helping her team members do the same, she and her husband caught up on their bills, paid off their debts, and were finally able to send their boys to private school. “Finally, everything was falling into place,” she says.

Today, Elizabeth has an incredible Isagenix team, left her job at the hospital, and says it’s just the beginning.

“I have even bigger goals to achieve even more freedom for my family and me,” she exclaims, “and it’s all because I improved my health and got out of my own stubborn way to start helping others improve their health, too.”

Elizabeth’s Favorites:Elizabeth L E-Shot

Products: “I love the chocolate shakes, but I don’t know what I’d do without my e+™ shots and IsaDelight® chocolates.”

Quote: “Never underestimate the power of saying ‘yes’ to new things—it might just change the course of your entire life for the better.”

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