03-15-16-Products-Product-Information-Sheets-IsaFYI-510x510The new and improved Product Information Sheets (PIS) underwent a major renovation over the past year to make them more concise, more digestible, and more attractive to readers. That means the final product is an easy-to-understand handout that gives you the rundown of every product Isagenix has to offer.

Like the newest Product Catalog, the PIS walks you through each product by defining what the product is, explaining why you need it, and then diving into how it works. The best part? All of this info and more is designed in one cohesive PDF that can be easily downloaded online.

Let’s take a look at AMPED™ Power, our latest pre-workout performance product.

Why You Need AMPED Power

The PIS breaks down the “why” in simple, visual callout bubbles that highlight the product’s top features and their benefits to you.

What Is AMPED Power?

Similar to the description in the Product Catalog, this section provides you with a brief, overall definition of the product.

How It Works

Don’t be afraid to dig into the science behind the product. Sources like IsagenixHealth.net are a great place to learn every last detail about how a product benefits your healthy lifestyle, but the “how” section of the PIS provides a good overview at a glance.

Make the PIS Work for You

Every Product Information Sheet follows a consistent format, but each one is also unique. Different products require a different story, and each PIS is specifically designed to tell each product’s story. So once you have a PIS in your hands, how do you make it work for you?

  • Bring it to your next Launch Party or home event.
  • Keep it handy so you can give it out when you’re on the go.
  • Take some to the gym in case someone asks you about a product you’re using.
  • Keep the PDF versions on your phone or computer so you can easily email and share them online.

Every PIS is easy to find. Simply go to Isagenix.com, hover over the “Products” tab at the top of the page, choose a product, and select “Product Marketing Materials.”