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Your world can change in an instant. Few know this as well as IsaBody Challenge® Finalist, Randy. “Unlike a lot of others, I didn’t struggle with my weight when I was growing up,” confesses the retired 20-year Army veteran. “At least not at first.”

Randy recalls his youth. “I was always fit; I played football at Oklahoma State University. I had no desire to go into the military,” he confesses, “but in the early 1970s, scholarship athletes had to be in ROTC. Thus after graduation, I entered the Army. I even served on General Schwarzkopf’s medical staff during Desert Storm.”

Being All He Could Be

After the Army, Randy was recruited to take a job in the healthcare industry. “I took a position as a Managed Care Director for Colorado, Kansas and Oklahoma.  He explains, “I was overqualified but took the job.”  Although Randy excelled, he shortly found out what “At Will” meant.

Then, things took a turn.

“After I was let go, I went into a downward spiral,” Randy recalls, “I was devastated and it impacted my family.” Life began to unravel. “Every subsequent year my waistline kept up with my age. I had a hard time functioning.” Randy’s ongoing weight gain and health issues became a growing concern for his family.

A Turn for the Worse

With a new career as a mortgage broker and health obstacles mounting, Randy’s health–and morale–worsened. “Just getting out of bed and doing basic life activities exhausted me. My family feared I was heading for a heart attack.”

Never one to quit, Randy was determined to reshape his destiny. “I was eager to make some positive changes,” he confides. “I needed to get my life back.”

Enter: The Isagenix Cavalry


Concerned for his health, Randy’s wife suggested speaking to a friend. “Julie is a friend of my wife living in Florida. She recommended Isagenix.”

Isagenix was exactly what he was looking for. “I was astonished by the results.” Then, Randy discovered the IsaBody Challenge®.

Back To Basic Training

Randy excels at what he sets his mind to. “I’ve always been a top achiever. As an IsaBody Challenge Finalist,” he beams, “my transformation transcended across my weight loss, healthy aging, and energy and performance goals. I now plan to transform my financial status by sharing Isagenix with everyone!”

Randy’s self-esteem is back. “After NYKO, I’m ready!” He shares other milestones. “My workouts have more energy than ever. I have more confidence than I’ve had in years.”

Randy looks forward to building his Isagenix business. “When I work out, people come up and ask, ‘Is this really true or how are you doing this?’ I tell them, ‘Yes, it’s Isagenix.’” He wears a T-shirt with how much weight he’s released printed on it. “In the gym, others come up and share their struggles and tell me what an inspiration I am to them. I’m looking great and best of all,” he says confidently, “I feel like a winner!”

For more on the IsaBody Challenge, visit IsaBodyChallenge.com.