Isagenix® held its Grand Opening event in Malaysia Saturday, September 21 to celebrate the launch of its ninth international market and the excitement was electrifying!

Met with much fanfare, the celebration featured hundreds of new Malaysia Isagenix Associates, Isagenix Founder, Master Formulator and Product B™ Formula Developer John W. Anderson, Isagenix Co-Founders Jim and Kathy Coover, Isagenix CEO Kevin Adams, Vice President & General Manager of Southeast Asia Dato Dr. Ronie Tan and many top North America Isagenix leaders who participated in traditional ceremonies during the grand event, held at the new Isagenix Malaysia office in Kuala Lumpur.

Here are a few photos taken by Cher Anderson highlighting this exquisite event:

malaysia grand opening 1m


malaysia grand opening 1b

malaysia grand opening 1d



malaysia grand opening 1j

 Photo credit: Cher Anderson, Dream Master Laboratory Personal Executive Assistant

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