Look Who’s Joining Us in Maui! Announcing Our 2016 Top Achievers

2016 Top Achievers Announced. We’ll See You in Maui!

03-30-16_Top-Achievers-Revealed_Ashley-510x510This summer, Isagenix Co-Founders Jim and Kathy Coover have the pleasure of inviting a select group of Associates to one of the most elite business training events of the year. After months of hard work and passion toward growing their business, our 2016 Top Achievers will join us in Maui, Hawaii from June 1 to June 5.

Among time spent on magnificent beaches and under the glistening sun, these dedicated business builders will learn about new products, network with fellow front-runners in the industry, and enjoy influential business training from Isagenix top leaders and the Executive team. Please help us to congratulate these hardworking Associates:

Adam C.Adrienne & Mike D.

Adrienne M.

Alexander H.

Alexis R.

Alix K.

Amanda S.

Amy & Christian A.

Amy P.

Andrea F. H.

Andreja & Bob S.

Angela M.

Angelike & David N.

April & Garret N.

Barb O.

Barbara P.

Ben S.

Bill & Nicole C.

Bobby & Michelle S.

Bonnie F.

Bonnie R.

Brent & Tracey S.

Brett D. & Samantha G.

Brooke & Kenny B.

Carl & Kathy L.

Carol & Mark F.

Carol T.

Carol W.

Carole T. & Peter O.

Carolyne R. & Steven B.

Carrie & Greg M.

Casey P.

Cathy S.

Chantal & Dave S.

Chase & Cayla C.

Cheri M.

Chris H.

Chris P.

Christa S.

Christine O.

Ciji S.

Cindy & Darren L.

Cindy & Michael H.

Cory K.

Courtney & Chad A.

Craig & Jani E.

Crystal N. & Sarah P.

Cyndi W.

Dana C.

Daniel P.

Daniele & Jason H.

Danny & Trisha W.

Daphne H.

Dave & Cary M.

Dawn C.

Dawn F.

Deanna & Mark F.

Deborah K.

Delialah & Todd L.

Delrae M.

Dennis & Heidi S.

Doris Renae G.

Dr. Corey C.

Dr. David S.

Dr. Joseph & Denise P.

Dr. Rick L.

Drs. Glenn & Ina N.

Drew B. & Corey L.

Ed G.

Elizabeth L.

Ellen B.

Ellen B.G.

Emily & Hayden V.

Erica F. & Chris D.

Erin P.

Frank & Kathy D.

Gina M.

Heather J.

Herb & Patty C.

Hilari & Justin C.

Holly B.

Holly D.

Janey & Kevin S.

Jason L.

Jeff S.

Jen & Aaron B.

Jen & Mike M.

Jen S.

Jennifer L.

Jennifer T.

Jessica & Doug R.

Jessica & Joe J.

Jessica C.

Jill & Andy B.

Jimmy S.

Joanna & Mike C.

JoJo & Vinnie B.Joy D.

Joy S.

Joyce P.

Kari-Lyn & Shawn O.

Kathy & Bill H.

Kathy & Tom S.

Katie & Jimmy N.

Kayla J.

Kelley & Tyler D.

Kelli C.

Kerri C.

Kerry & Anthony G.

Kiel & Carolyn T.

Kimberly & Edward R.

Kirk M.

Kristi & Todd Y.

Kyle & Megan N.

Kylie D.

Lara L.

Latin to Global Express

Laura & John S.

Laura & Rick H.

Laura K.

Lauren S.

Lenny E.

Lindsay & Cory H.

Lisa & Bob M.

Lisa & James S.

Lisa & Stan W.

Lisa D.

Lori & Chris H.

Luna P.

Lynn H. & Michael C.

Mar L.

Marc & Jeannie S.

Mark & Cindy S.

Matt & Amanda S.

Melanie L.

Meredith & Brian W.

Meredith & Derek F.

Michael B.

Mike & Betsy F.

Mike D. & Robin B.

Nancy & Jeff M.

Natalie J.

Nathan & Trudy M.

Nicky H.

Nicola S.

Nicole B.

Pamela & Kevin B.

Paul & Bonnie P.

Paul K. & Lynette D.

Rachel & JT T.

Rachel P.

Renata L. & Bob N.

Renee & Philip S.

Rob & Nicole S.

Robert & Joy A.

Ron & Jo Ann B.

Ron R.

Ronda C.

Ross & Danielle T.

Ryan & Becca J.

Ryan & Heidi E.

Sarah G. & David G.

Scott & Gina M.

Shannon & Chris F.

Shauna E. & Dr. Scott P.

Sherry C. & Michael D.

Siv & Jay B.

Stephanie B.

Stryker & Robin D.

Sue & Glenn F.

Susan M.

Susan S. & Chris A.

Susan W.

Suzan H.

Tami H.

Tanya & Jeremy K.

Tara R.

Terri S.

Terry S.

Terry T.

The Greenlaw Group

The Mother-Daughter Team of Bette L. & Patsi L. D.

Tina & Travis S.

Todd & Joni B.

Tony & Randi E.

Tracy O.

Warren & Arlene L.

Wendy & Mark W.

Yovanka M.

Zach & Eden S.

Stay tuned to IsaFYI.com for 2017 Top Achievers details coming soon.

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